5 April 2005

Your ref: 30451
Zahida Manzoor CBE
Legal Services Ombudsman
3rd Floor
Sunlight House
Quay Street
Manchester M3 3JZ

Dear Ms Manzoor

Re: Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Compliance Board

I have received a letter from the CCS telling me they are in contact with you concerning my complaint about Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Compliance Board. I'm a bit confused because I believed that if I was not satisfied with their findings I could appeal to the LSO who supposedly is independent to the Law Society? If the CCS and the LSO are colluding on the outcome of the investigation by the CCS how can the LSO be an independent entity and what happens to my right of appeal against the findings if the LSO are conspiring with the CCS?

Let us look back at the complaint the OSS (as it was) advised me to make against Thos Boyd Whyte and how fourteen months down the line the OSS, Thos Boyd Whyte and the Ethics Committee put their 'Heads' together in using the fact I had made a complaint also using content from my 'unopened' complaints file to give Thos Boyd Whyte a reason to sack me even though Thos Boyd Whyte had failed to comply with the Client Care Agreement.

Of course you will recall the reason the OSS advised me to make a complaint was the failure of Gordon Luckhurst, Senior Partner at TBW's to comply with the Client Care Agreement in as much as he didn't turn up for an arranged meeting but sent an ex-employee who I was complaining about then twice more refused to see me as he agreed with the findings of the Solicitor I was complaining about. I hope you recall what you said about a woman's complaint in Mar '03. Just to refresh your memory this refers to part of a letter I wrote to you on 28 Jan '05 that you did not reply to: -

On the 22nd of January I received the above mentioned letter from the CCS Client Relation Office stating they "…note the Ombudsman's criticisms…" The next letter I received was dated 31st March telling me they are writing to you to agree on their findings. During the investigation (according to the rules an independent Solicitor should have been instructed) I was not informed of any progress or what was happening I was not given any information as to Richard Hegarty's response which gave me no opportunity to challenge what he had to say, of course Members of the Law Society don't lie. You should read what was said about Kamlesh Balh "deliberately lied under Oath", "she was not a witness of truth", Janet Paraskeva's opinion is she was guilty of "perjury" and if I'm not mistaken Kamlesh Balh who was sacked by the Law Society is back representing ethnic minority solicitors. From behind closed doors it is clear the CCS the Chair of the Compliance Board and the Legal Services Ombudsman are putting their heads together to divert the course of 'justice'. It appears to me if you add CCS to LSO the answer is LSSSPL (the Law Society Secret Services for the Protection of Lawyers), I'm sure you have heard of it for if you read the tabloids 'High Ranking Lawyers' are talking about 'The Old Boys Network' which I believe is the same thing: -

Finally, in my complaint against Thos Boyd Whyte the OSS/CCS refused to investigate the part of my complaint that they advised me to complain about. As you will recall you did the same just as you both ignored the misuse of my complaints file. I think this is clearly a case of 'History Repeating Itself' in more ways than one: -

Yours sincerely

B R Gray

PS Bearing in mind the CCS say they "help you if you have a problem with your solicitor", well if my name was John McEnroe I think my comment would be a very loud 'You Cannot Be Serious'.