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Falconer hangs Damocles' Sword over Manzoor 19 February 2007

Legal Services Ombudsman (LSO) and Legal Services Complaints Commissioner (LSCC) Zahida Manzoor has been reappointed for a further three years - although she may be abolished within that period.

Manzoor was made LSO in 2003 and appointed as LSCC in 2004. Her remit is to examine the handling of complaints made about the legal profession, and also the way the Law Society in particular manages complaints.

In announcing the reappointment 'Chuckling Charlie', the Lord Chancellor, said that it was possible that the two posts may be scrapped during Manzoor’s term of office.

Proposed legislative reforms mean that a new Office for Legal Complaints will replace the LSO role, while improvements in the Law Society’s complaints handling could mean that the position of LSCC becomes redundant. (No 'Brownie Points' for guessing who 'Charlie' will put in to head the 'New Office).

'Charlie' said that further improvement was still needed by the Law Society.

I'm not religious, but God save all complainants.