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A 'MUST' read . Trev and others admit they got it wrong???

You have to wonder just what more 'Race Chief' Trevor Phillips wants

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The advert below shows Trevor Phillips, Race Chief, has managed to have the 'White English' in England, the land of their birth, discriminated against in favour of all others whether they are white Irish, Welsh, Scottish, European as well as all other ethnic minorities. What if an advert was placed on the Iinternet, as in this case, saying they wanted a 'White English' person only, Ol' Trev would be rushing them before the Race Relations Board. I believe the white indigenise population of England should now vote BNP.

- It would appear 'Sir Trev' can be a 'racist' when referring to 'White' people, but just what if Bernard Maning had during one of his rage, sorry I meant to say, stage shows branded Sir Trev a 'pompus' fat black b******! You can bet your bottom dollar Ol' Trev would have blown-his-top and Race Chief, Trevor Phillips, would be 'up-in-arms' with Bernard before the Race Relation Board and charged with 'Racism'. - Read the story


Bitian 'seen as a soft touch'

At 8k per day = almost 3m per year of which 700k were given the right to work meaning over 2m are unemployed or dependants kept by the state with generous hand out and accommodation each and every year. At 3m per year in 10 years there could be an extra 30 million East Europeans in England plus all other ethnic minorities that are already here by that time well over two thirds of the population, if it stay at around 60m, will be non-white English. Conclusion! The white indigenise population will be in the 'minority'. Oh yes Prime Minister Brown you are going to kick out ½ of one days intake, equal to 0.13% of one years intake, big deal Mr Brown why don't you go back to Scotland and take these immigrants with you. The time has come to make sure we vote for the right party.
Remember once they are give the right to stay here their family and dependants will be allowed in, it is just going to be one big
'Roller Coaster' - Mr Brown' --------------- "Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech"

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