The original - Solicitors from Hell .com Reg. Feb 2003

The LS said in March 2003 "The Law Society, the solicitors' body, will tomorrow unveil new measures to improve client service and reduce the number of complaints against lawyers…the Law Society is recruiting a team of 50 inspectors who will this summer (2003) start visiting firms which are the subject of repeated complaints. Eventually, the inspectors will be checking up on all law firms - but the initial aim is to monitor closely the processes of the worst offenders and to help them improve".
Seventeen years later whatever happed??? lol

This didn't happen and in 2005 Rick Kordowski on his Solicitors from Hell website started the job for them but Mad-Dog-Des Hudson, Law Society Chief Executive, decided Rick's website was "Too Toxic" and it cost them £150K+ to close him down. The Legal Services Ombudsman did say later they would be posting a list of 'underperforming' law firms, but it appears the database on solicitors is now "Too Toxic" to publish and these firms will end-up bankrupt if it was published.
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