Parliamentary Question Time

"Mr Clive Soley MP for Ealing, Acton and Shepherds Bush"

12 July 2005 today I wrote to Mr Soley MP to ask him about questions he asked Zahida Manzoor, Legal Services Ombudsman, in Parliament in May 2004 that concerned 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15'. Let me first quote ZM's reply to Mr Soley's Question 20; "A robust approach needs to be taken to enforce, for instance for solicitors from the Law Society, Rule 15, which says very clearly that solicitors have to have a written complaints-handling procedure and they have to log all the complaints that they receive..." also in the same sentence she said "I think a robust approach by the Law Society needs to be undertaken to ensure that there is a written complaints-handling procedure, that complaints are logged, and that solicitors who need training in client care are given that training".

Let me now quote ZM from a year previous to being questioned in Parliament: -

9 Mar '03 "I had one ludicrous example recently where a woman wanted to make a complaint against a law firm. She was told by the Law Society that she would have to take it up with the firm concerned first. She did and found that the solicitor who was to investigate her complaint was the solicitor she was complaining against! This kind of thing has just got to change."

As can be seen Ol' ZM a year previous to being questioned by Mr Soley appears to be true to her word in seeing that 'Rule 15' is being 'enforced' "good for her" even using the word 'ludicrous' to describe the action of the solicitors involved and goes on to say "This kind of thing has just got to change".

Just a month or so after enforcing 'Rule 15' in the case of a woman Ol' ZM, in the same scenario, would refuse to give equal consideration to a man whose solicitors allowed the Solicitor that a complaint had been made against to take a pre-arranged meeting to discuss his grievances and the Senior Partner responsible for 'Client Care' failed to turn up for the meeting and would twice more refuse to see him. Let me quote ZM from Q20 above asked by Mr Soley MP in Parliament "... that solicitors who need training in client care are given that training". I believe Ol' ZM 'needs training in' Sexual Discrimination and should be 'given that training'.

18 July '05 I received a reply to the information I sent my local Member of Parliament, Dr Howard Stoate, who is referring it to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Sat 23 July '05 I received a letter from ZM's solicitors in reply to a Questionnaire I sent her on the 29 June in relation to her Sexual Discrimination against me, Click Here. I will publish their response which they tell me will be by the 5 August.

27 July '05 today I received a reply from Mr Soley informing me he retired at the last General Election therefore he cannot give me any assistance and suggests I take it up with my local MP, which (see above 18 July) I have already done.

5 August '05 I received a reply from ZM's solicitors (Mace & Jones in Birmingham) in reply to my Sexual Discrimination Questionnaire. Without my permission ZM passed my file to a third party, Mace & Jones Solicitors, who are not connected or involved in my complaint to be used for an 'unrelated purpose' to my complaint against my solicitors, the Law Society's Data Protection Notice states "We will use the information you give us to investigate your complaint. We will not use that information for any unconnected purpose without your consent". However King Richard the Information Commissioner has stated that information held by members of the Law Society can be freely passed around to anybody provided it does not go outside of the Law Society. Game Set and Match to ZM.

Click Here to see a letter I wrote to Aman Virk, Manager, Quality & Service Standards, at the CCS concerning her opinion that information from clients/complainants un-opened, opened or closed files can be passed freely around the Law Society by 'unsecured' means for any 'unrelated' purposes to what they are intended for (I wonder if she has read the Law Society's 'Data Protection Notice'. Oh I forgot, The Law Society alter, twist and bend the rules to suit the occasion at the time). I wonder what the word 'Standards' stand for in her title?