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Sir Stephen Lander Independent Commissioner
The Office for the Independent Commissioner
The Law Society Victoria Court
8 Dormer Place
Leamington Spa
CV32 5AE
20 February 2004
Dear Sir

Re: Violation of the Data Protection Act by the OSS

I'm aware you were not appointed to look at individual complaints to the OSS however I do believe your duties cover how the OSS conduct their investigations ("The roll of the Commissioner is to oversee the Law Society's Consumer Redress Scheme") and their compliance with the codes of practice ("…responsible for improving the way complaints about Solicitors are handled"): For instance, the 'Data protection Notice' plus that all parts of a Complainant's complaints are dealt with effectively, in a fair and unbiased way?

I believe you should be made aware of the insane lengths the OSS and others go to in their efforts to assist and protect solicitors.

I have enclosed a file that I have already sent to The Information Commissioner, Mr Richard Thomas at The Information Commissioners Office at Winslow, Cheshire. I will leave you to make your own mind up about this information, but one thing for sure is that somebody must stop the OSS illegally 'blabber mouthing' clients data around. I have my solicitors file in my possession containing all original documents.

I have enclosed a copy of a letter, for information only, I received from the OSS this morning that relates to my complaint concerning Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Compliance Board, that is featured in this 'file' and I'm in no doubt there will be an attempt to cover everything up along with 'behind the screens blather mouthing', as usual.

I would like an acknowledgement of this file so I know it reached its destination.

Yours sincerely

X X Xxxx