White Men get the 'Short Straw' every time

If you are 'White' you can discriminate against 'White Men'. If you are 'Black' you can discriminate against 'White Men'. If you are a member of an 'Ethnic Minority' you can discriminate against 'White Men'. If you are a 'Woman' you can discriminate against 'White Men'. But if you are a 'White Man' if you discriminate against Blacks, Ethnic Minorities or Women you are guilty of 'Racial Discrimination' and/or 'Sexual Discrimination'. Where is the justice in that??

Click Here and you will see ZM (Zahida Manzoor the Legal Services Ombudsman) who is a member of an 'Ethnic Minority' and came to this country from Ralwindi Pakistan in the 1950's has clearly discriminated against me and if you click Here you can see all the people within the Law Society who know about it.
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This 'Dick Head' Somerset constabulary states he believes "the law should be changed to give greater protection to forces trying to positively discriminate". It appears not only are 'White Men' already 'discriminated' against but 'Dick Head' here wants it made legal. As will be noticed this 'Dick Head' admits to breaking the law by discriminating against 'White Males' and still stays a Chief Constable but if as clearly and deliberately he discriminated against any ethnic minority group(s) no doubt he would be sacked.

The Avon and Somerset constabulary discriminated against 186 white males, the Gloucestershire constabulary discriminated against 109 white males. What will be done, you can bet your boots nothing, but if 295 applications were removed by the police because their skin was not 'white' the 'do-gooders' would be crying out for blood. But there again they are only 'White' males and are not entitled to be treated equal, Zahida Manzoor the Legal Services Ombudsman, who is a member of an ethnic minority, will tell you that.

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