Complaint against the Guardian and Journalist Jon Robins
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After finding on the Internet that the Guardian, through their 'Star' Freelance Journalist, Jon Robins, had accused me of the 'crimes' of somebody else, if that is what they are, I sent many emails to the guardian and the Journalist but I was ignored like the plague.

If the 'Idiots', Journalist Jon Robins, the Guardian's Letter Editor, Chris Elliott and Elisabeth Ribbans, Managing Editor, had replied to my twelve emails and made a correction to their 'inaccurate' article all would have been 'sorted' long ago, but no, these 'Idiots' had a bout of 'genuine human error' which their 'Defence Team' the Barmy Army working on a 'No-win, no fee' basis's decided covertly hidden in the 'Editors' Code of Practice was a rule 'human error' which Sir Mick the Independent Review who, believe or not, has no powers of 'Review'; "Turning to the decision itself, as I have explained, I have no locus here... You may disagree, but it does seem to explain the "human error" aspect more convincingly". "convincingly" even Ol' Mick don't seem that 'convinced' but as he said "I have no locus here". lol

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister called for independent, rather than the current self-regulation of newspapers.

"It is not an investigative body, it is a complaints body at best, and a toothless one. Unless the person directly affected by the story complains, it has no right to investigate. So the hundreds of people who were appalled in 2008 by the hounding of Kate Middleton by photographers had no power - unless she herself complained, the PCC could not investigate," he said.

"It is run by the media, for the media, and no wonder it has no teeth. Newspapers can simply hide an apology at the back of the paper, or - as the Express and Star have done - opt out altogether".