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Website that has become the scourge of all lawyers, good and bad.

Where do I start?- Let me start with: -

About Us

Jures research projects are led by the journalist Jon Robins and supported by Gus Sellitto and Richard
Elsen. We also draw on an in-house team of specialist researchers and communications experts.

Jon Robins, director

Gus Sellitto, director

Richard Elsen, director

"We also draw on an in-house team of specialist researchers and communications experts". OK, Jon is a journalist so the writing up and publishing of the 'facts' supplied by the "in-house team of specialist researchers and communications experts" is surely his responsibility (Question, can you trust your 'in-house experts').

Jon Robins asked Rick Kordowski "Why doesn't he vet claims?" (vet as in research I assume).

Back to 'vet' and 'research' because this is like the 'Kettle calling the Teapot Black'. Jon has attributed all Rick Kordowski's misdemeanours, shortcomings or even his good deeds, depending on how you look at it, to the website Solicitors from Hell .Com, repeat .Com which means Jon's own 'vetting' talents are grossly lacking. Solicitors from Hell .Com, repeat .Com is not guilty of any of which Jon claims the website to be.

Let me tell you how came into being. From 1993 up to approximately 2000 my solicitors were Thos Boyd Whyte of Bexleyheath in Kent about whom I made a complaint to the Solicitors Complaints Procedure, as I was advised to do by them, and all I found was a Protection Procedure for solicitors.

In 2001 and in my mid sixties I bought a PC and some books to teach myself some rudimentary computer skills so as, in 2002, to tell the world just how corrupt the Law Society's Complaints Procedure was and no doubt still is. Through the backdoor 'Dicky the Chair' Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Compliance Board, threatened three of my consecutive Hosting companies so as to close me down also Gregsons Solicitors of Liverpool and North Wales as did Thos Boyd Whyte, TBW also tried to get Google to have me removed from their search engines, 'Queen Bee', Zahida Manzoor the LSO instructed Mace & Jones - see - but saw the light and didn't follow it through.

I believe my website again repeat .com was the first to lambast a firm of solicitors and the Law Society Complaints Procedure and was the original Solicitors from Hell website which others copied in various forms.

Instead of sitting on the side of the 'Goodies' may be you should just consider some of us 'Baddies' might have a case even those that Rick Kordowski lists on his website(s).

I am now approaching my mid seventies and am still annoyed today as I was over ten years ago, if you look around you will find a gentleman older than myself who went one better than I did new video at

Back to your "in-house team of specialist researchers and communications experts" if just one of these 'specialist...experts' or yourself had looked at they would have found a 'Disclaimer' of any involvement with Rick Kordowski's website(s). Of course we have 'Freedom of Speech' which the people posting on Rick Kordowski's website(s) are entitled to, the only difference, as I see it, is that you have put your name to defamatory content.

I will expect an apology for stating my domain name, through inadequate 'vetting', in mistake for some other persons and the problem corrected.

There has been a lot said in the past about Rick Kordowski's web stats but if you look at the attachment you will find has far greater stats than his with over 1.3mil pageviews per year and Rick's at 751,000, if you check out your own you come in at zero on all accounts.

Brian Gray
Some web addresses where Master Robins makes false allegations - - - Master Robins with no contact to this website is quietly cooking the books - - - - he is removing articles with the tag and replacing them with others. - - - - - - - - - - - Not so clever, I've put an original copy in the left bottom corner. (18/04/2011)

News about

Jon Robins on the website, the
scourge of all lawyers, good and bad

One of my best friends is a solicitor."
Such magnanimity might dangerously
raise the blood pressure of lawyers
when they realise the view expressed
is from Rick Kordowski, owner of , scourge of all
dodgy lawyers and perfectly decent ...
The Guardian

Rick Kordowski is neither the owner nor the author of Solicitors from Hell .com
The accusations by Jon Robins and the
Guardian are not correct and both Robins and the Guardian are both guilty of publishing defamatory content.

30/30/2011 at 1700hrs

Jon Robins
freelance journalist