Complaint against the Guardian and Journalist Jon Robins
The PCC is an independent self-regulatory body which deals with complaints about the editorial content of newspapers and magazines
(and their websites). - (quoted from the PCC's website)

What does Deputy Prime Ministers, Nick Clegg, have to say about the "independent self-regulatory body"
"It is not an investigative body, it is a complaints body at best, and a toothless one at that...It is run by the media, for
the media, and no wonder it has no teeth. Newspapers can simply hide an apology at the back of the paper"

Overseer of the 'Barmy Army' is their 'independent Reviewer', Lt Gen Sir Michael Wilcocks, and he states "I myself remain totally independent from them". Two 'Independent' bodies that are not connected to each other that sounds like a positive step forward.

Wait a minute if you ask for a 'Review' of the 'Barmy Army's Decision what does Mick have to say: -
"Turning to the decision itself, as I have explained, I have no locus here... You may disagree, but it does seem to explain the "human error" aspect more convincingly...It does does not of course lessen the damage that was done...". - (copied from Mick's letter)

























30 March an email sent to Jon Robins and five other related mailboxes. (no replies)

15 April an email sent to the Guardian and five other related mailboxes. (no replies)

4 May Made a complaint to the PRESS COMPLAINTS COMMISSION.

9 May I received a reply from Ms Rebecca Hales, Complaints Officer.

12 May a 2nd email from Ms Hales, they have received a reply from the Guardian. (attached)

16 May I reply to Ms Hales email stating that "My dissatisfactions are many".

16 May 3:20pm a reply from Ms Hales to ask if I'm still seeking an 'apology', she must be joking.

17 May I again reply pointing out my annoyance with the Guardian.

18 May an email from Ms Hales pumping the Guardians apology.

18 May email via PCC from the Guardian who are now 'puzzled' doesn't take much to confuse them.

18 May an email to Ms Hales again making it clear I want my complaint considered by the Complaints Commission.

19 May an email from the Guardian via the PCC with excuses and an email they said they didn't receive on 30 March has now turned up.

Google listings prior to the 14th May

25 May an email from Rebeca Hales saying my complaint is being passed to the Complaints Commission

13 June The PCC make a Decision and call their new rule "Geuine Human Error", no it's not a 'Joke'.

23 June a letter sent to Reviewer 'Lt Gen Sir Michael Wilcocks' (Sir Michael is sitting on his hands for over seven weeks is he, as an Ex Army Officer, and the Commission working on a 'Defence Strategy)

Awaiting a reply, meanwhile have a look at the PCC's 'Barmy Army' that assess complaints.
13 August Reviewer 'Lt Gen Sir Michael Wilcocks' has still not completed his review after nine weeks.

13 August wrote a letter to 'Lt Gen Sir Michael Wilcocks' office c/o Tonia Milton, IR Administrator to say I intend referring my
complaint to the Ombudsman.

6 September I have today referred my complaint to the Parliament Ombudsman

16 September Oh dear the PCC 'Maladministration' fall outside of the Ombudsman's 'Remit'

20 September Looks like the 'Begging Bowle' back to the PCC. - lol

29 September Tonia Milton, IR Administrator, sends me a letter that Sir Mick supposedly wrote on 10 August but was lost in the Post. - lol.

11 October wrote to Mick, the 'Independent Reviewer' who, believe it or not, has no powers to 'review' anything the 'Barmy Army' has decided to put in their 'Decision'. I suppose it was a 'genuine human error' on my part to think Ol' Mick was not just a 'Puppet on a String'.

21 October No answer from 'Mick' so I have today written to Desmond Hudson, Law Society chief executive, who through his conversation with the 'Idiot' Journalist, Jon Robins, caused derogatory comments and name calling of my website.
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