Original - Solicitors from Hell .com Est. Feb 2003

This letter states I was refunded £5,297.20 Cost, it doesn't mention the 'Disbursements' you don't get back and it don't mention the £8,000+ it cost for a 'Competent' Solicitor to conclude my litigation. If you look further at this stupid woman's letter you will see it is headed 'Client Care Agreements' but you will not see any reference to "Client Care" or any mention of how Gordon Luckhurst, the Senior Partner at Thos Boyd Whyte's, by refusing to honour the 'Client Care Agreement' was by the Law Society rules guilty of 'Professional Misconduct'. Janet Paraskeva the Law Society's Chief Executive knows solicitor firms, the Consumers Complaints Service and the Legal Services Ombudsman all ignore/violate the Law Society rulebook and are clearly all part of a 'Protection Racket'.

If you read the 'Pledges' this 'Dick Head' gave five years ago it will be seen not one of them have been honoured. When a 'shove' becomes a 'push' she is right back in there 'Protecting' her 'Children' (members of the Law Society)

Paraskeva Law Society's Chief Executive heads this letter "Client Care Agreement* she clearly knows the LS rules are not being adhered to but couldn't care less for she wants to see law society members arses are well covered. This clearly shows how corrupt the law society is from top to the bottom… see my reply which no answers were ever received… Client Care Agreement

Paraskeva has been a strong advocate for gay and lesbian rights in the United Kingdom. She has stated her intention, under the Civil Partnership Act 2004, to enter into a civil partnership with her partner of more than a decade, whom she will only refer to as 'Mary'. Paraskeva has two children from her first marriage.

In 2006, Paraskeva, along with numerous other Greek Cypriots, was featured in a book by Kyriakos Tsioupras It's all Greek to them, focusing on Cypriots who have had substantial influence within their communities.

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