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'Ann-a-Bell' -waste of time - Abraham

I have received several e-mails where complainants believe what they are told by the Legal Services Ombudsman (LSO) that Zahida Manzoor is the last place they can complain even when they are still dissatisfied they can go no further except through the High Court which now means it will cost them an 'arm and a leg'.

If you look at the information below, the way I read it that is not true for there is a 'free service' by making a 'Referral' to the Parliamentary Ombudsman (PO) who is Ann Abraham and as many will know was the previous Legal Services Ombudsman so will be aware as to what the remit of the current LSO is.

Making a complaint (see below) is not that difficult which must be made through your MP for your constituency. Once you have laid out your complaint with asscoiated documents I would suggest taking it to one of your MP's surgeries, remember your MP is supposed to represent you so make sure he does and complain if he doesn't.

Remember if you are not satisfied with the result and think the PO got things wrong or did not understand your complaint refer if again back through your MP and don't forget the MP represents you and not the LSO or the PO. If enough complainants worry the life out of their MP's and the PO then somebody will get the message that ZM has not got all her 'Conkers'.

At present I have suggested Zahida Manzoor is guilty of 'Sexual Discrimination', click Here. - I also have a current referral to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, click Here

lThere are a number of Government departments and other public bodies which the Ombudsman can investigate. (under L alone)

Land Registry
Learning and Skills Council for En
Legal Services Commission
Legal Services Complaints Commission
Lord President of the Council's Office

Examples of the sorts of complaints we can look into include:
" Failure to provide a service
" Delay that could have been avoided
" Faulty procedures, or failing to follow correct procedures
" Not telling you about any rights of appeal open to you
" Unfairness, bias or prejudice
" Giving advice which is misleading or inadequate
" Refusing to answer reasonable questions
" Rudeness and not apologising for mistakes
" Mistakes in handling your claims
" Not putting things right when something has gone wrong

Click Here to read part of the last letter I sent for 'Referral' to the Parliamentary Ombudsman that refers to 'Maladministration' that comes within her 'Remit'.

Making a complaint
These web pages will give you a step-by-step guide to help you through the complaints process.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman can carry out independent investigations into complaints about government departments, agencies and some public bodies. If you have received poor service or haven't been treated properly or fairly - and the organisation hasn't put things right where it could have - we can help.
To find out if the organisation you want to complain about is one we can look at check the list here. If it isn't listed call our Helpline on 0845 015 4033 for advice.

Oh Dear, Oh Dear, if seems I've got it all wrong but then again being an 'un-educated peasant' what more could be expected and just as Lord 'Chuckling Charlie' Falconer has stated "A complainant is somebody who doesn't quite understand the process, therefore must be wrong".

If you read the letter I receive from Ann-a-Bell dated 26 September 2005, highlighted in yellow, it states "...the Law Society and the Legal Services Ombudsman. As we have explained in earlier correspondence, the actions of those bodies fall outside of my jurisdiction". (Clearly Ann-a-Bell is lying and we all know why).
If you look at the e-mail address at the top of this letter from Ann Abraham: -
"neil.armstrong@....". Isn't he a 'Lunatic' sorry I meant a 'Lunar Astronaut'? Oh maybe there is one of each.

Are you confused??

The has altered their internet page now saying they now only invistigate: - (Listed under L only)
Land Registry
Law Commission . . . . . . . . . . "Law Commission" stays in...I wonder what that covers?
Leasehold Advisory Service
Legal Aid Agency
Local Better Regulation Office
Local Government Boundary Commission for England
LocatED - Department of Education
Low Carbon Contracts Company Ltd.
Low Pay Commission

Out goes
'Legal Services Commission' and 'Legal Services Complaints Commission' that happened after I made a complaint to the PHSO through my MP concerning the Legal Services Complaints, I wonder why?

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