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The Legal Services Ombudsman
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You may think when or if your 'complaint' reaches the Legal Ombudsman and he/she decides to undertake an 'investigation' all your complaints will be 'addressed' in an "unbiased" fashion. Well, we can all dream but this won't be one of them.

When I first complained to Ann Abraham, the previous Ombudsman, about Mr. Higgins QC's Opinion Report she agreed it was "inaccurate", but decided to do nothing, instead, in Mr. Higgins' defence, she stuck the knife into the solicitors, Thos Boyd Whyte (TBW), not by what Mr. Higgins put in his 'Opinion Report' but what he said in his letter to The Bar Council in his own defence and that included delays by TBW that totaled more than three and a half years, she commented about 'how bad their work was', agreed with Mr. Higgins that they were negligent and incompetent. I did mention in a letter to Ann Abraham that if my complaint concerning TBW reached her office these points should be remembered.

As you have gathered my complaint against TBW has reach the Legal Ombudsman, now Zahida Manzoor CBE, and it now appears 'The new boy on the block' has decided it is the 'solicitors' turn to be 'protected' by using whatever means can be found.

According to web pages associated with the Law Society you will find Kevin Martin is the new Deputy Vice President-elect of the Law Society and is Chair of the Society's Compliance Board which deals with matters relating to enforcement of rules governing the profession. As you are probably aware the Law Society make their own rules govern their own 'complaint procedures' and as we now know they have a man to 'enforce' their own rules. Under Solicitors Rule 15, I believe, comes the 'Client Care Agreement' and in my case the solicitors (TBW) refused to honour or obey it, the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors, who were aware the Senior Partner was refusing to see me, refused to enforce it and won't talk about it, the Legal Ombudsman has said, although it has not been mentioned in any correspondence whatever regarding the Senior Partner's 'refusal' to see me and failing to carry out an 'internal investigation', "it has been dealt with". I have asked her to point out just where "it has been dealt with", (5 years later still no sign of it being "dealt with") if she don't, it will be just like the 'fictitious' evidence put forward by the 'Protection Society' (CCS).

A furtherItem on this Website states; "Law Society chief executive, Janet Paraskeva, said: "The tribunal has sent a clear massage to solicitors that if they provide poor service to clients they will face stiff penalties". -Negligent and incompetent a Barristers opinion, refusal to comply with Solicitors Practice Rule 15, a Judges opinion there were delays of 5 to 6 years, a comment by Ann Abraham the previous LSO now the Parliamentary Ombudsman "their work was so bad".- Amongst others Ms Paraskeva, Ms Manzoor and Ms Abraham do not consider this is "poor service to clients" but is an essential way of running a successful firm of solicitors.

If you read a letter I wrote to the Legal Ombudsman you will see, apart from using situations caused by my solicitors' incompetence and negligence in their defence, she could not even bother getting the facts right you will also see how solicitors and the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors ((now the Consumers Complaints Service (new name same shit)) conspire to the detriment of solicitors clients. The fact is, this woman doesn't know her 'arse' from her 'elbow' so I will give her a clue;

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