Mr Clive Soley MP
House of Commons

12 July 2005

Dear Mr Soley

Re: Parliamentary Examination of Witness (Question 20)
Ms Zahida Manzoor 4 May 2004

As you can see by my address I am not a member of your constituency however as you questioned the Legal Services Ombudsman in the House of Commons I believe this is of great interest to a large number of people in England and therefore would entitle us to ask you about these 'questions' and especially about the answers that you received in good faith which were and would be applied by Ms Manzoor.

In answer to Q20 the LSO quoted from 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15'. Let me quote part of her answer: - "…Therefore, I think a robust approach by the Law Society needs to be undertaken to ensure that there is a written complaints-handling procedure, that complaints are logged, and that solicitors who need training in client care are given that training". A very convincing reply to your question which would leave you with peace of mind that anybody who has a dispute with their solicitors will have a means of complaining and the LSO will clearly see 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15' will be 'enforced'. Yeah Right, are you that 'gullible' you believed that load of crap?

With all due respect to your good self, I have found that every channel I have tried wants to apply the 'Ignore Rule' or defend the Law Society's side even when the rules are clearly not being applied. My question to you is that when you ask a question in Parliament and you are told a load of rubbish, do you care? In fact when Ms Manzoor gave you this answer she had from a year previous up to the current time she gave you her reply, refused to enforce 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15' which a Senior Partner had to her knowledge blatantly refused to comply with (see: - "" and "…/ZM2.htm" also "…/omblet8.htm#zm"). Let me ask you again, do you care that Ms Manzoor was speaking with 'tongue in cheek' when she said "A robust approach needs to be taken to enforce…Rule 15…"?? Let me further quote her advice for clients who believe they've had a rough deal: "Be persistent, she says, remember it's your right to have your complaint investigated and you should pursue it because, hopefully, it can be mediated and conciliated to everyone's satisfaction". Let me tell you 'persistence' with the LSO does not work (Please see:- "") and if you are a male, in the LSO's eyes, 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15' doesn't apply (Please see:- Ms Manzoor enforced Solicitors Practice Rule 15 in the case of a woman but refused to in my case).

I would have thought the answers Ms Manzoor gave to the questions she was asked in Parliament would have been given with the intentions that they would apply to all dimensions of ethnicity, faith, gender, age or disabilities but it is very clear Ms Manzoor is being selective in areas for preferential treatment and she as well as your good self will know that as she is the Legal Services Ombudsman, Legal Services Complaints Director as well as a Member of the Race Equality Panel she must apply the rules equal and fairly to all.

I have enclosed some parts of my website for you to look at also if you visit my website you will see Ms Manzoor does not practice what she preaches to the answer she gave to your Q20. I have also enclosed 'Search Engine' results to show that my website is all over the world and has also been translated into most languages.

You may not approve of my website but if you can advise me on how a complainant can get the Law Society to honour 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15' and/or Ms Manzoor to enforce it, as she stated in answer to your Q20, if it is not honoured then I would be prepared to listen. Let me quote your good self on 'censorship' "…ill advised to go down the road of censorship…"

Yours sincerely

B R Gray


To Dr Howard Stoate MP (my local Member of Parliament) Click Here

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