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Matthew Rippon Director at Particular Limited, Darlington

Matthew Rippon quote "I like to read and to write and I’m too old now to do anything other than speak my mind...Oh, and I’m a director of *particular, a law firm that focuses on the commercialisation of new ideas"

December 2015
Firstly Matt… may I call you "Matt" or would that be classed as 'derogatory'? …as you "like to read" first read the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of a letter I wrote to; Ms Janet Paraskeva, Chief Executive, 113 Chancery Lane in Nov 2003 2yrs before any protest websites appeared, except my own two which a few mths later 'Dickie the Chair' (Chair of the Compliance Board at that time) thought he could close me down and that would be the end of it (lol), I warned the Law Society in that Nov 2003 letter what would happen "with the advent of the 'Internet' the potential is immense" but they thought they were the 'Master Race' and couldn't loose the war. Well in 2011 they spent £150,000 (some say it was twice that amount) but only made the situation worse. I suppose we could say they 'Shot themselves in the foot'…lol.

I had previously warned Lord Falconer at the Department for Constitutional Affairs a month earlier in Oct '03 about the powers of the 'Internet' "…remember the story of 'David and Goliath', for it might just be found the 'Internet' is the 'pebble' that 'slays the giant'". At that time he thought himself and the Law Society was 'Teflon' coated…but who knows, the "giant" might still just come tumbling down…

Furthermore in early 2005 again before Rick Kordowski SfH website appeared I warned the Legal Services Ombudsman "...with the advent of the Internet I can and will keep my complaint open and also very active". What happened "Thos Boyd Whyte and Hegarty & Co have been trying by the back door to close me down". Read the 2nd and 3rd to last paragraphs of a letter I wrote to the LSO.

In Feb 2012 I said in a letter to John Wotton, Law Society President "Clearly Desmond Hudson has created a 'Run-away-Train' with himself and the LS on board that is out of control with 'Protest' websites springing-up like Mushrooms." As I mentioned above I warned them as early as 2003 what would happen but they thought their Castle would withstand 'HELL' and 'HIGHWATER'. It cost £150,000 to close just one, poss twice that, and that 'Run-away-Train' is now unstoppable…

"I like to read" . Have a read of a letter I wrote to Adam Sampson, Chief Ombudsman, concerns Desmond Hudson, Law Society's Chief Executive, big mouth that caused all the confusion with protest websites, even you are confused. But as usual the 'Protection Team' covered his arse.

Matt...after you have read all this info have you got the 'Balls' to write about how, when and why 'Protest' websites came into being, if you ain't how the 'HELL' do you look yourself in the mirror????

Matthew if you read a letter I wrote to Desmond Hudson dated 21 October 2011 then you just might get some idea what websites are what and that you have wrongly accused the (.com) website of "lawyer-baiting", "extort money from solicitors", "publishing tirades of questionable provenance" I believe that is defamatory and libellous. To quote Mr Vassall-Adams QC who said in Court "...appeared to be willing to publish very serious defamatory allegations without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy" also Mr. Justice Tugendhat "...should take reasonable care in relation to the publication". What you have done and let me quote Desmond Hudson " simply a blanket characterisation....providing a vehicle for pursuing personal grudges and vendettas" is what Des Hudson said in a email to that idiot Jon Robins who did and what you are also doing about all 'Protest' websites.

The first protest website was my in 2000/1 and followed by my .com SfH website which was the 'original' that came online Feb 2003 some 2yrs+ before any other and Rick K's SfH was a 'copycat'. If you access "" you will see my .com had on the first occasion been closed down by presure on my hosting company by the Law Society's Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Compliance Board, in May '04 a year, which list both my nightmaresolicitors and my SfH, before Rick K's had appeared. Let me once again quote you "I’m too old now to do anything other than speak my mind". Have you got the 'Balls', while putting the world and us 'Baddies' to rights, to put your hands-up and tell the www you have got it a little wrong??

If you believe the complaints procedure worked in the past then you haven't looked at my website in any depth (without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy). Gordon Luckhurst the Senior Partner didn't show-up for two meetings the third request he wrote telling me if I wanted to complain to the CCS, who I had already contacted for help, just ask my Solicitor and she would give me any help I needed, I did and six weeks before the Trial I was sacked because the Noble Ethics Committee advised TBW in an exchange of phone calls (violation of the rules) I had, by my complaint, brought about a 'Conflict of Interests' (the conspiracy). Gordon Luckhurst said in a letter 2 years later, when at my insistence my complaint file was eventually opened, to the CCS "I do fully appreciate that Mr Gray's complaint was not dealt with appropriately", he was guilty of Professional Misconduct. One Judge said my litigation should have been complete in 12 mouths but it took 7 years, a Barrister said they were negligent and incompetent, Ann Abraham when she was LSO said in a letter to me that "their work was so bad" and my own solicitor said in a Attendance Note "I had not been treated very well by her predesesors" and two case numbers at Court being randomly used when 15mths later my Solicitor wrote in an Attendance Note "the Court is getting into a muddle"...this is only the tip of the 'Iceburge'.... Purthetic, but the system covered Thomas Boyd Whyte's arse.
Why am I so annoyed... Click here Re: "After seven years, with new and 'competent' solicitors...."

Matthew a ten minute read for you that I'm sure you will find interesting that shows how 'Codes of Practices', 'Rule Books' and whatever are manipulated, altered or a "genuine human error" will replace all...

There are no list of law firms as you have described or ever have been on that you have suggested and Rick Kordowski has never been involved or had any connection with my website or have I had any involvement with other protest websites and your suggestion that my is some sort of "legacy" with the "" website is rediulous...just where are you gathering all this 'shit'?

Matt if you would like to email me, make a comment or write a review I will publish it in a prominent place on