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Magrath LLP Solicitors 66/67 Newman Street, W1T 3EQ

First let me start by quoting Desmond Hudson the Law society's Chief Executive who dragged Rick Kordowski into the High Court in 2011 "fair criticism" is "entirely valid" and that the need for clients to be able to give feedback is "extremely important". I'm not a 'client' of Magrath and unlikely to ever be...

Four years since Rick Kordowski's SfH website has been taken down and some bright spark at Magrath LLP was so confused with what website is what and said in bold heading on their website that this .com website has "defamation" and had an "injunction" against it...Idiots.

Magrath LLP are Belligerent, arrogant, make mistakes through lack of 'investigatory' skills and don't own-up to them, is this the type if law firm you would like handling your affairs?
My solicitors, Thomas Boyd Whyte, had two case numbers at Court they were randomly using my Solicitor wrote in an 'Attendance' note "the court is getting in a muddle", 15 months later the court secretary wrote to TBW to tell them of their error…. Did they tell me…not on your life…they covered it all-up. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!


Not only that but their 'Star Twitterer' Twittered the same and put a link to this website....What a pathetic lot they are at Magrath's and their 'Twitterings' are still there. (Magrath LLP ?@COMPANYspy Sep 28)


I have Email Magrath's "Att Senior Partner" but they are so arrogant I am being ignored, Oh well, that's their funeral..
Re: Att. Senior Partner



Let me first quote Mr Vassal-Adams QC "...without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy" and Mr Vassall-Adams QC who said in Court "...appeared to be willing to publish very serious defamatory allegations without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy". Some idiot at Magrath LLP have got their investigating facts wrong and published false/inaccurate statements about “” (.com) that you have named and have put a link to that website.

You need to put it right and print an apology on both: -
I have no objections to a link as long as it’s in the right context.


In the first place I was prepared to overlook Magrath LLP lack of IT skills and all I asked for was for them to remove all their "false/inaccurate statements about """ which they did after my 2nd email on their website (an admittance they had got it wrong), there was no apology and they have left their comments on TWITTER and their COMPANYspy.

The case they mistakenly linked me to through inadequate investigatory skills at Magrath's concerned 'Brett Wilson LLP' inferring this website had stated that this law firm were "'solicitors from hell' or 'lawyers from hell'". Magrath LLP should take note Brett Wilson llp was awarded £10,000 for that published "defamatory" content on the World Wide Web about them.

After my 2nd email received a reply...saying "...and consider this an end to the matter"

Where to from here??
Magrath tell me they "...consider this an end to the matter" I know from first-hand experience the Law Society Mafia operate a members Protection Rack so no-way going down that route. Maybe Brett Wilson who the comments made by Magrath were about, if he has the 'Balls', could try batting for the otherside…(that would make his name)...

Magrath named me on at least three different web addresses so maybe a couple of 'Protest' sites will pick this up and publish it….

Mediation (Magrath)

The judge granted a mandatory injunction for the removal from the World Wide Web of specified web pages, and the removal from the Website of any metadata or search engine links which refer to the claimant as 'solicitors from hell' or 'lawyers from hell', and awarded damages capped at £10,000