'The Law Society's 'Old Boys Network'
Where does it start and where does it end??

Well we know it starts in the High Street where the Senior Partners protect their own.
Were does it end! It doesn't.
So let me start at the top and work back.
Rt Hon Lord Justice Anthony Clark. Master of the Rolls.

As most people know the Law Society makes its own rules with the concurrence of the Master of the Rolls, so you would think the Master of the Rolls would have some interest in seeing that these rules which he is involved in making would be 'enforced' just as that hypocrite 'Zahida Manzoor' stood up in Parliament blather mouthing she was going to 'enforce' (Q20 well worth a read), but no, he is a 'Fully Paid-up Member of the Protection Team' and could not care less that the CCS, the LSO and law firms violate the rules to the detriment of anyone who dares to complain about this 'Noble Upstanding Honest Profession'. Yeah Right!!

What is it Surgeons say about the legal fraternity? Oh yes, "they are the easiest to operate on for they have no hearts and their heads n' arses are interchangeable".

Lord Woolf

Woolfie talks about having everything out in the open, you know, like that 'hypocrite' Zahida Manzoor who talks about 'fairness' and 'transparency'.

'Woolfie' talks about being 'open' and giving rights to people who the Government/Police forces consider to be terrorists and a threat to this country's safety, yet on the other hand when a member of his 'clan' (Judge Roger Davies) who it was reported was doing a bit of 'shirt lifting' with some young male prostitutes and of whom a 'high ranking lawyer' said "he should have been sacked", then after retired judge Sir Michael Turner was paid to carry out an inquiry the judiciary did a 'hush hush' deal with 'Shirt Lifting Roger' who was then paid to do his garden for a year (£90,000+), given £1,000,000.00 pension deal then 'Woolfie' and 'Chuckling Charlie' decided the investigation would not be concluded. This is not just a 'one-off', as few months previous to this, Judge David Selwood, who was convicted of child porn offences, was also pensioned off.

Ann Abraham the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Ann Abraham was the previous Legal Services Ombudsman (nod nod wink wink) so despite her 'remit' that states she can look at the 'Legal Services Complaints Commission' she states she cannot intervene. Confused?? Click Here to read: - 'Definition of maladministration by Sir William Reid'. I suppose I should quote Lord 'Chuckling Charlie' Falconer "a complainant is somebody who doesn't quite understand the procedure, therefore must be wrong".

'King Richard' (Richard Thomas) the Information Commissioner.

King Richard said that despite the Data Protection Acts and the Law Society's Data Protection Notice any information contained by Lawyers and/or the Law Society can be 'blather mouthed' over the telephone to anyone who say they are Lawyers and if the Data Protection Acts are violated all he can do is ask that they don't do it again. Yeah Right I love you too.
King Richard's advise if you don't like the way that your complaint is dealt with: - "...you may wish to consider complaining to the Parliamentary Ombudsman..." Does it work??
I tried through my MP and e-mails (1) (2) (3)

Lord 'Chuckling Charlie' Falconer the (Ex) Lord Chancellor. --- (Charlie has been 'Sacked')

Click Here to read some of 'Chuckling Charlie's' quotes and he will tell you there are a 'Set of Enforceable Rules' that all Data Controllers must comply with. If you ask 'Charlie' how to get those 'Set of Enforceable Rules' "Enforced" he tells you 'Take us to the High Court'. OK 'Charlie' we get the message.

CHUCKLING CHARLIE; Glib, disingenuous and ruthlessly ambitious, Lord Falconer (he of the Dome and legalised gay sex in public toilets) is now destroying our judiciary's independence. His qualification? He was once Tony Blair's landlord . . . Click Here 'Charlie goes Walkies'

Kevin Martin (at the time) Deputy Vice-president of the Law Society.

I wrote to Kevin Martin in Aug '03 thinking he was the Chair of the Compliance Board, he passed my letter on but I again wrote to him in Sept '03 as it appeared the Chair of the Compliance Board had disappeared. Kevin wrote back to assure me "The new Chair of the Compliance Board has certainly not disappeared". Thank you Kevin. As Kevin Martin read the afore mentioned letters before passing them on to 'Dickie the Chair' he would clearly know the problem so is obviously a part of the 'Protection Team' and no doubt advised 'Dickie' to be aggressive'.

'Dickie the Chair' Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Compliance Board.

Mike Tyson WHOOPS, I mean 'Dickie' came out fighting, he first of all called me a "disgruntled complainant" then rang me at home during the evening and tried intimidation which 'King Richard' and Aman Virk at the CCS said he was conducting Law Society business at the time. The moral here is don't upset the Law Society or they will call in 'Mikie' WHOOPS I meant to say 'Dickie the Chair'. Richard Hegarty & Co have their own 'Clients Charter' (which he as now tampered with a little...lol) so if 'Dickie' thinks it OK for solicitors to ignore the Law Society's 'Clients Charter' just what chance is there of him honouring his own????

Peter Williamson (at the time) President of the Law Society.

I wrote to Peter Williamson who didn't reply but eventually got the Law Society's Chief Executive to write to me.

Janet Paraskeva the Law Society's Chief Executive.

This stupid woman must be straight out of 'Whacko Jacko's Neverland' I asked about the 'Client Care Agreement' and although she headed it that way she didn't even mention Client Care but told me what I already knew, how my complaint was handled by the CCS and the LSO and its outcome. Click Here to read her letter and click Here to read my reply that she ignored. She concludes her letter with "I am sorry that we are not able to assist you further", clearly showing that she and Peter Williamson are fully paid-up members of the 'Protection Team'.

Let me add some comments by this stupid woman: -
"We are determined to root out bad practice and ensure that clients get the high quality service they deserve". - "It rests on a belief that self-regulation is a privilege that has to be earned, not a right to which we are entitled". - "We want to encourage solicitors to focus more on addressing their client's concerns". - "But being tougher on ourselves is the best way to maintain the public's trust in solicitors."
I don't know what world she lives in but it most definitely is not the same one the 'Complainants' come from.

Janet Paraskeva born 1946 in Newport, Monmouthshire is an Welsh-Greek-Cypriot from the United Kingdom. She is a British administrator who was appointed as the First Civil Service Commissioner on January 1, 2006. Paraskeva has also been a strong advocate for gay and lesbian rights in the United Kingdom. She intends to take advantage of the Civil Partnerships Act to 'marry' her partner of more than a decade, whom she will only refer to as 'Mary'. She prefers not to give Mary's surname and will only say that 'she works in education'. Paraskeva has two children from a previous marriage. I was in Cyprus in the 'Fifties' and Col. Greavas was at that time a Greek-Cypriot Terrorist, an enemy of the British. Does anything change?? See top 20: - Gays who shape our new Britain

'Jobs for 'The Boys'

Tuesday 20 December 2005 'Janet Paraskeva appointed First Civil Service Commissioner'. http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/newsandevents/pressreleases/view=newsarticle.law?NEWSID=262214

Janet Paraskeva is, despite her £297'000.00 including a generous £72,000 in pension contributions. Ms Paraskeva was also awarded a healthy £28,000 bonus, though what exactly this was for is anyone's guess.
Also Janet Paskareva bags 20k for 15 days work with anti-mafia unit. Law Society chief executive Janet Paraskeva has been appointed as a non-executive director of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) - a post that will net her £20,000 a year for 15 days work. President Kevin Martin said that it would not diminish her commitment to the Law Society. The news comes a month after The Lawyer exclusively revealed that Paraskeva had been appointed as a shadow member of the board of the Consumer Council for Water, which will occupy two days a month plus another £7,000. The job will suit her well has 'champion of sewerage consumers', when they issue her with a 'King size Shovel' it will allow her to shovel 'shit' as well has herself and ZM talking it: -

"Serious Organised Crime" the first job that she should be looking at is the Law Society's bent and twisted 'Complaints against Lawyers Protection Racket' (CLPR), commonly known as the CCS and supported by the LSO.

Elen Power Editor of 'The Lawyer'.

I sent an e-mail to Elen Power that she never answered and although 'The Lawyer' could at that time be accessed by anyone just weeks later the doors were bolted so that you now have to 'register' and they are fussy who they let 'register' (all part of the 'Protection Racket').

Mr Anthony Higgins QC

After Anthony Higgins conducted my litigation in court I asked him to give an opinion on Thos Boyd Whyte's (TBW) handling of my affairs. At a meeting with him prior to going to Court I asked him for his 'opinion on Thos Boyd Whyte…he thought for a while…then said "in my opinion they were 'negligent' and 'incompetent'". When I received his report it was clearly a defence for TBW based on lies by them which I pointed out by supplying actual evidence and now the 'negligence' and 'incompetence' he had stated by them was not mentioned. However if I wanted him to re-look at his report he wanted me to pay him once again which I refused. I made a complaint to the Bar Council who as you would guess defended him, I then made a referral to the Legal Services Ombudsman who at the time was Ann Abraham the present Parliamentary Ombudsman. Also it would appear Anthony Higgins QC violated the 'Confidentiality' rule by informing the CCS I was seeking legal advice from him, click Here to read the first letter I received from the CCS in 18 months (underlined in yellow). Click Here to read how Mr Higgins whelched on an agreement he made for an arranged meeting he didn't turn up for.

Ann Abraham (at the time the Legal Services Ombudsman) (see above is now the current Parliamentary Ombudsman).

Ann Abraham stated she noted there were 'inaccuracies' in Anthony Higgins QC's opinion report and brought into question the reliability of the rest of his opinion (exactly what my complaint was about) but she decided to take no action. Thank you very much Ann Abraham, you gave Tony Higgins almost a £1,000 ($2,000us) of my money to give an 'opinion' that was not 'Fit for Purpose'! As we know 'Leopards don't change their spots' so it was only to be expected when she progressed to be the Parliamentary Ombudsman that she would stay loyal to the 'Protection Team'. Anthony Higgins QC's unreliable 'Opinion Report' effectively stopped me from suing TBW for 'negligence' which was 'Game Set and Match' to TBW and the Law Society. 'Gold Medal award to Ann Abraham'!

The Ethics Committee.

The Noble Ethics Committee are the most committed to the lawyers 'protection team', they encourage solicitors to violate the Law Society's 'Data Protection Notice' so as to supply them with information so they can then advise there is a 'Conflict of Interests' and the client should be sacked. Click Here to read their involvement in my sacking.

Zahida Manzoor Legal Services Ombudsman/Legal Services Complaints Commissioner.

The Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman has been attacked by the leading civil service union for its "flawed" recruitment practices and management techniques. The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union has voiced concern that the office's performance is being undermined by the outsourcing of key work and the failure to recruit more staff. The PCS claimed there has been a 40% turnover in case workers since Manzoor took up her position and that morale of employees had hit rock bottom.
David Vincent, PCS branch secretary, said: "We [the union] are gravely concerned about the negative impact that flawed recruitment practices and dubious outsourcing is having on the performance [of the office]."
Vincent said crucial posts had gone unfilled for months and the legal ombudsman failed to consult with the union before outsourcing casework to private company, Safecall. It is understood that the Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA), which oversees the legal ombudsman's office, has expressed concern. The PCS is urging the DCA to intervene and talk to the union. You would think the PCS would know that ZM has got her head and shoulders so far up 'Chuckling Charlie' Falconer's (DCA) arsehole she is now 'Teflon Coated'. Yuck!!

Click Here to read a letter that clearly shows the lengths the Legal Services Ombudsman will, despite that she is supposedly independent of the Law Society, go to to defend the Consumers Complaints Service and members of the Law Society. www.personneltoday.co.uk/Articles

Read a letter I sent to ZM that shows she 'Conspired' with the Law Society to 'protect Dickie the Chair'

You have to wonder if Zahida Manzoor has all her 'Marbles' she stated in her 'report' that the CCS should provide a specific piece of information, also the law states that all "available information" should be "available" to all parties and it was also requested under the 'Freedom of Information Acts'. The Law Society say they are 'exempt' from the 'Freedom of Information Acts' (so one would assume they are above 'the law') they don't have to and won't supply this "available information". We then go back to Zahida Manzoor who previously stated the defendant should "be requested to provided" this information by the CCS. Ol' ZM now accuses the complainant, at the fourth time of making it, of a "serious allegation" and now ZM 'clams-up', no answers are given to the complainant's questions and the criticism in her report are not complied with and now ignored by her. Game Set and Match to the Law Society! As I previously stated to ZM the 'Referee', in this game, just happens to be the 'Team Manager' for the 'Law Society's CCS F C'.

More to follow.
Consumers Complaints Service (This body of people have had many names in the past, but nothing changes except the name).
Click Here to read a letter I sent to Ms Alison Crawley, Director of Regulation Complianceinsane, that shows the insane lengths the Consumers Complaints Service has gone to to protect Dickie the Chair. For instance Zahida Manzoor the CCS and 'Dickie' (The Chair of the Law Society's Compliance Board) will conspire on the outcome and when you ask questions the CCS will tell you "the Law Society is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act" and they don't and won't tell you anything. Second to that 'King Richard' the Information Commissioner will tell you if and when the Law Society breach the Data Protection Acts all he can do is ask them each time 'not to do it again'. Yeah Right, that makes us feel safe. If you ever make a complaint against your solicitors you had better believe you are up against a 'Cast Iron Protection Team' (the LSO and the CCS with the backing of all those named on this page).
More to follow.

Gordon Luckhurst Senior Partner at Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors in Bexleyheath, Kent. England.

After my Solicitor, Sandra Durant, resigned Gordon Luckhurst gave conduct of my litigation to a young inexperienced new raw recruit, Assistant Solicitor, to TBW who had no skills in litigation. She called me in for a meeting on 6 June 2000, the strange thing there was a second Solicitor there to act as a witness, I wonder why? If you read the 'Attendance Note' she wrote concerning that meeting it will be seen I am very angry and a suggestion of Thos Boyd Whyte being 'negligent' is made by her. My new young Assistant Solicitor was possible aware prior to the meeting, from my file, that I had sent a complaint to the CCS 14 months previously that was still waiting an investigation and after that meeting what did she do? First she had a discussion with Gordon Luckhurst the Senior Partner and Geoff Smith, the Senior Litigation Solicitor, then she rang the Ethics Committee for advice and it would appear the Ethics Committee told her to contact the CCS and find out if at the very lease a complaints file existed, which a Mr Fise at the CCS duly "recalled" (a violation of the Law Society's 'Data Protection Notice'). My Assistant Solicitor then again 'phoned the Ethics Committee with the information she had collected and based solely on what she told the Ethics Committee (over the telephone) she was advised that a 'Conflict of Interests' exists and the client should be sacked which was duly carried out the next day (8 June). You have to remember I was sacked for daring to ask to discuss my dissatisfactions with the Senior Partner after following the Law Society's advice to send a complaint to the CCS because Gordon Luckhurst, Senior Partner at Thos Boyd Whyte, had refused my three request for him to hear my complaint, which under Solicitors Practice Rule 15 he must comply, failing to comply he was guilty of 'Professional Misconduct'. Unlucky for me he had Zahida Manzoor (LSO) and the Law Society Protection Team (CCS) defending him.
The Noble Ethics Committee, the CCS, Gordon Luckhurst, Geoff Smith and my new Assistant Solicitor get the 'GEORGE CROSS' for bravery in the face of the enemy (One minor insignificant solicitor's client). Zahida Manzoor should be awarded the 'Victoria Cross' for her valour "in the face of the enemy" and 'Military Precision' in guiding the CCS to their victories over Solicitors' Complaining Clients.

Sandra Durrant. I felt sorry for Sandra for after the previous two solicitors (Irene Long and Margaret Dunton) had made such a mess of my litigation it was pushed on to her by Margaret Dunton. Sandra wrote in an 'Attendance Note' that she didn't think I had been treated properly by her predecessors and she ended up resigning. Also in this 'Attendance Note' it appears Gordon Luckhurst admits I would be entitled to have my costs refunded!!!

More to follow