This letter was sent to Mr Kevin Martin, Deputy Vice President of the Law Society, the previous Chair of the Compliance Board. Kevin Martin passed it on to his successor 'Dickie the Chair' Richard Hegarty who decided to ignore it.

4 August 2003

Mr Kevin Martin
Deputy Vice President of the Law Society
Number Ten
Elm Court
Arden Street
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 6PA

Dear Sir

Solicitors Practice Rule 15 (Client Care Agreement)

As I understand from the "" you are "Chair of the Law Society's Compliance Board", as I believe 'Rules Enforcer'?

"Mr Martin has represented the Coventry and Warwickshire constituency on the Law Society Council since 1996 and is Chair of the Society's Compliance Board which deals with matters relating to enforcement of rules governing the profession."

My Question is very short and very simple. How does a 'solicitor's client' get their solicitors to abide by the 'Client Care Agreement'. Solicitors Rule 15?

If you need any further insight into my question go to my website at "" and second you could contact the Legal Ombudsman, reference xxxxx. However if you decide to talk to Zihida Manzoor don't take her word unless it can be supported with evidence for just like the OSS she has taken to inventing fictitious facts.

On my website under the 'Latest News' you will see I e-mailed Helen Power, City Editor of The Lawyer, to try and get your views published on her website, however it appears she thinks if I am ignored I will go away. I will publish this letter under the e-mail to Helen Power while I wait for your response, if any.

Let me just make a quote from Peter Williamson the new President of the Law Society of England and Wales: - "It is also a time for the profession to look at the way it works with consumers. We must strive to reduce the number of complaints and ensure that the public is confident that the Law Society is dealing properly and swiftly with solicitors who fail to provide a professional service". At this point it might help if you look at what a District Judge, a Barrister and Ann Abraham, the previous Legal Ombudsman, said about my solicitors and you might ask yourself why the OSS took no disciplinary action whatsoever. To be honest I find your 'self appointed complaints procedure' a bit of a joke.

Yours sincerely

B R Gray