On the other hand if you become a 'Judge' and your fancy are young male prostitutes, no problem, at the worst 'Chuckling Charlie' and Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, will give you a year's 'gardening' leave and £1,000,000.00 to then retire with. Click Here

Just months Prior to the above Judge David Selwood was convicted of child porn offences, guess what, yes that's right, lets 'pension him off.

On the other hand if you are a Magistrate and a School Governor you might fancy 'Call Girls' and a spot of 'deception'. Click Here

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Tony's Crony 'Chuckling Charlie' has been given a 'Posh Pad' at the cost of around £200,000 to the tax payers per year (£4,000 per week). It seems 'Charlie' was furious about being kicked out of his palatial apartment in the House of Lords. It appears Tony was trying to 'soften' the blow for his 'old university and flat mate'. Click Here