Mad Dog Des Hudson & Master Jon Robins

The fight against wrongful convictions must go on – we owe it to the innocent
Jon Robins

This Idiot 'Denis the Menace' Jon Robins a self-styled "Journalist" writes about "wrongful convictions" he and "Mad Dog Des Hudson" the Law Society Chief Executive between them "wrongfully" accused a "innocent" website of the wrongful doings (if that's what they were) of another.

Although these idiots "Denis the Menace" and "Mad Dog Des" were sent numerous emails they never once apologised or admitted their "wrongful" accusations that went all over the www.

The first to print this false garbage for these two "Idiot Menaces" was the - - on Friday 25 March 2011 13.15 GMT

I feel sorry for anyone that believes or listens to the shit that comes out of these self styled-Idiots Dog Turds mouths.

The Guardian still publishes this "Jon the Menace's" DRIBBLE

The WWW is still full of the defamatory comments made about my website by this "Dennis the Menace"


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‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ By Jon Robins

You can fool the people some of the time but not all of the time....
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