Solicitor John Wilson stated in 2004 "There used to be the Law Society Complaints Section. Then it was renamed the Solicitors' Complaints Bureaus, then renamed again the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors, and recently renamed again the Consumers Complaint Service. But nothing ever changes, except the name.
Legal aid in particular has always been far more of a huge slush fund for unscrupulous lawyers than it has ever been of benefit to the needy, and I see no end to the complacency there has always been on this topic from the authorities"
. . . . . . Latest New Boy on the Block 'Adam Sampson, our Chief Ombudsman'
. . Oh dear, an email turned up in my mail box and it appears John is not too 'Squeeky' clean.

Changes still needed in Law Society
Published on Sunday 29 September 2002 19:21

From: John Wilson, solicitor, Rodley Lane, Rodley, Leeds. Sir, – Over many years I have advised clients with a problem about a lawyer countless times that the Law Society is a complete waste of time, and to be fair, I tell solicitors the same.

The problem is not so much bias as incompetence.

Fob-offs to cover up inability to comprehend basic legal procedures and issues abound, which is frightening in a so-called regulatory body.

I am therefore very impressed that no less than the chief executive of the Law Society should deign to respond to my recent letter to you. Maybe I should advise all my clients to write to the Yorkshire Post.

Unfortunately, I have been around rather longer than Janet Paraskeva, and I can remember the same sorts of knee-jerk defences several times before.

Some years ago, the Law Society came under pressure about complaints handling, so it changed the name of its complaints department to the Solicitors' Complaints Bureau; then it shifted it out of London; then it changed the name again to the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors, each time with the some old fanfare about how this was changing everything and from now on everything in the garden was going to be rosy.

Unfortunately, we seem to be just going through the motions again and I can only wait with bated breath for the next snappily new name.

Ms Paraskeva indulges in the old ploy of accusing me of saying something I never said, presumably because she lacks confidence in her ability to knock down what I did say. Sadly, this is par for the course, and we will never get anywhere while the powers that be are not even prepared to recognise the issues, let alone look for answers.

We are never going to get anywhere towards greater public trust of the professions while the Law Society acts as both trade union and regulatory body at the some time. We need a renaissance of good old fashioned professionalism. Sadly, it looks like we are as far as ever from getting

Taken from the - Yorkshire Post on Friday 1 July 2011.