Mr John Squire
Compliance Officer
The Information Commissioner Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

10 March 2004

Your ref: 04/46450/09

Dear Sir

Re: Data Protection Act

Thank you for your letter dated 2 March 2004 and your enclosed 'Request for Assessment' form.

First let me answer questions "7. Contact with the data controller" and "8. Other organisations I have contacted" as this section will take up more room than is available.

Doc 1 lists the offices/people I have corresponded with but to date no one has responded to my requests for information.

Doc 2 is a letter dated 4 September 2002, which is one of many I sent to the OSS that shows the questions/complaints relate directly to what is stated in the file which I sent to you with my letter dated 18 February 2004.

Doc 3 is a letter, again one of many, dated 29 October 2002 that I sent to the Legal Services Ombudsman and as can be seen I have complained that the OSS have not dealt with many points of my complaint concerning the violation of the Law Society's rules.

Doc 4 the last letter I received from the LSO office dated 14 August 2003 more or less telling me they will no longer reply to my letters.

Doc 5 a letter I received from Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Compliance Board, (rules enforcer?) where he refers to me as a "disgruntled complainant" and he then illegally collected confidential information on me from the Data Controller to use for his own personal use (see Document A14).

Doc 6 is a letter from The Department for Constitutional Affairs in reply to my letter doc 1 above that advises me that if I consider the Data Protection Act has been violated I should write to your office.

Doc 7 question 7, as "the organisation in question" is the Law Society and I have in the past written to just about everybody from the OSS to Lord Falconer it is confusing just who is the 'data controller' however as no one has pointed me in any direction I have written a letter (doc 7) to the OSS headed 'Data Controller'.

Doc 8 this letter to Sir Stephen Lander Independent Commissioner is self explanatory and I believe I have now covered all offices and personnel I have contacted.

As you can imagine, the amount of correspondence I have is vast but if there is anything you require in relation to any part(s) of my complaint please ask.

Yours faithfully