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Mucky Judges


Woolfie here talks about having everything out in the open, you know, like that 'hypocrite' Zahida Manzoor who talks about 'fairness' and 'transparency'.

Take 'Woolfie' here he talks about being 'open' and giving rights to people who the Government/Police forces consider to be terrorists and a threat to this country's safety, yet on the other hand when a member of his 'clan' (Judge Roger Davies) who it was reported was doing a bit of 'shirt lifting' with some young male prostitutes and of whom a 'high ranking lawyer' said "he should have been sacked", then after retired judge Sir Michael Turner was paid to carry out an inquiry the judiciary did a 'hush hush' deal with him and 'Shirt Lifting Roger' was paid to do his garden for a year (£90,000+), given £1,000,000.00 pension deal and then 'Wolfie' and 'Chuckling Charlie' decided the investigation would not be concluded. This is not just a 'one-off', as few months previous to this, Judge David Selwood, who was convicted of child porn offences, was also pensioned off.

"Cocaine Binge of Sex Video Judge"
Will they cover this one up with a pension deal?? At the moment he has been paid over £100,000 for doing nothing.

Let us look at 'ZM', she was born in Pakistan and emigrated to this country (UK) with her parents in the 50's and "Daddy" told her to get on you need an education which she got in this country. She was a Mid-wife, worked in the NHS and represented women in ethnic minorities then became the Legal Services Ombudsman in 2003, Chuckling Charlie, who it appears is on an 'ethnic minority' promotion drive, gave her a second 'hat' to wear - that of 'Legal Services Complaints Director'. The PCS claimed there has been a 40% turnover in case workers since Manzoor took up her position and that morale of employees had hit rock bottom, the union is worried about it and 'Chuckling Charlie's' lot (DCA) are concerned.

'ZM' stood in Parliament on 4 May 2004 and gave promises and undertaking knowing a year previous she had not honoured these in the case of an indigenous white male while at the same time she was up holding the rights of a woman whose ethnicity she is keeping quiet about. She is, besides lying in Parliament, at the very least guilty of sexual discrimination.

'Wolfie' here wants, in the case of suspected terrorists, everything open and transparent also 'ZM' has made big speeches giving promises of 'fairness' and 'transparency' in complaints made against solicitors that are investigated by the Law Society. If you look at their past history these pair of 'hypocrites' wouldn't know the meaning of 'transparency' and 'fairness' if jumped up and bit them.

'Zahida Manzoor' will tell you her job as the Legal Services Ombudsman is to oversee that the Complaints Commission carry out their investigation inline with the correct procedures in a fair and transparent fashion. It couldn't be further from the truth, she ignores the rules breaks the law and colludes with the Law Society Consumers Complaints Service to protect the Law Society members, that's besides lying, victimising, intimidation, withholding information and refusing to answer questions. Of course 'Chuckling Charlie' knows all this and his answer is "if you don't like it, take us to the High Court", just another form of 'intimidation'. On the other hand may be he is scared that if he did comment on her 'methods' she would accuse him of 'racial discrimination' just like Kamlesh Balh, ex-senior member of the Law Society, did to the Law Society.

The Most Corrupt British Judges: A Study of Judicial Bias; - ------ The book accuses 8 judges of perverting the course of justice. The 8 judges are former Chief Justice Bingham, Justice Morrison, Mr Justice Wright, Mr Justice Kay, Judge Mitchell, Chairman Donnelly and Chairman Booth. It also accuses the Law Society and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal of the worst form of fraud. See also Here and Here

Chuckling Charlie' gives 'ZM' another 3 years

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