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(5 June 2003)

Ms Helen Power
City Editor
The Lawyer

Ms Power

I'm sure you are aware of the gentleman outside Nabarro Nathanson's office on Theobald's Road with his placards that show his 'dissatisfaction' with his ex-solicitors. I beleive that this is just the 'tip of the iceberg'.

I read with interest, on your website www.lawzone.co.uk, Law Society chief executive, Janet Paraskeva's comment, "The tribunal has sent a clear message to solicitors that if they provide poor service to clients they will face stiff penalties". That made me smile, so please look at my website "solicitorsfromhell.com" then try and explain to me the load of rubbish that this 'tribunal' is on about for they obviously have no idea what is happening at the 'grass roots'.

Also on your website I noticed, there is a "Rules Enforcer", Mr Kevin Martin, Chair of the Society's Compliance Board which deals with matters relating to 'enforcement of rules' governing the profession.

After you have seen my web pages maybe you would like to publish, in open forum, Kevin Martin's opinion on 'Client Care Agreements' that solicitors send to their clients which, I believe, come under 'Solicitors rule 15'. This should, for both client and solicitors, just clarify if the client has any rights and if he/she has, then how can the client get the solicitors to comply? Before you answer please read and make sure you understand what I am saying on my web pages, if you don't I will willingly explain in detail.