The Law Society Gang Up????
Mace & Jones Solictors
Pall Mall Court, 61-67 King Street, Manchester, M2 4PD
Anthony Collins Solicitors
St. Philips Gate, 5 Waterloo Street, Birmingham, B2 5PG

I wrote a letter to Mace & Jones, who are the solicitors acting for Zahida Manzoor concerning my suggestion of 'Sexual Discrimination' by ZM, on the 18 August '05 Click Here

What I hear on the 'Grapevine' is Mace & Jones and/or Zahida Manzoor are 'blabbing mouthing' all around the Law Society probably to get support for ZM. On the other hand is ZM enlisting the help of the 'Old Boy Network'??

It now appears Anthony Collins Solicitor have been Instructed?? - See thier 'visiting record' to my website.

What is their 'Brief', to close me down? That has already been tried by 'Dickie the Chair' on behalf of the Law Society and if they did manage to I would just move to an 'Off-Shore' Hosting Company.

A little 'Dickie Bird' tells me 'Wilkin Chapman Solicitors' have been contacted, does that mean my 'Hosting Company' have come under pressure from the Law Society?? Remember the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone's opinion on 'Freedom of Speech' to 'Non-National's' 'Welcome to the Land of Free Speech'. In the case of 'National's does that mean we have the same rights as long as we do not criticise the 'Noble British Law Society'?

If you click Here it will be seen that 'Dickie the Chair' by putting pressure, on behalf of the Law Society, on my first Hosting Company got me closed down. Bearing in mind Ken Livingstone's 'Welcome to the Land of Free Speech' may be I will e-mail Ken to ask him if he believes the Law Society did/are using 'Unfair Tactics' or illegal means to keep me quite to denied me 'Freedom of Speech'.

Would the Law Society take me to the 'High Court'?? I don't think so for when you tell the truth and have all the evidence what could they do. On the other hand they could be guilty of suppressing 'Freedom of Speech'.

A case that went to court recently concerning David and Victoria Beckham where they tried to stop the tabloids from giving information out about their private lives a Judge ruled it was in the public interests for them to know. My personal thoughts on that are they should be allowed to keep their 'private lives' private, but I'm not a 'Judge' and as we know these people know what's best for us. Yeah Right.

Back to Court and the Beck's, if its in public's interests to know the Beckham's sordid, if any, secrets or otherwise I'm sure its in the public's interests to know just how corrupt the Law Society's complaints procedure is and when 'High Ranking' lawyers are talking about the 'Old Boy Network' you can bet your boots something 'ain't right'.

When the Law Society use the 'Back Door' to shut people up about their 'Complaints Procedures' then it becomes obvious just how corrupt this 'Self Appointed' 'Self Administered' 'Self First' 'Old Boy Network' is run for the sole purpose of 'Protecting Lawyers'. This is a quote by 'Charlie Falconer' about the "people of this country": - "...we will not be deflected from ensuring that the people of this country know what are their rights, how they can obtain them, and how they may enforce them..." Click Here to read more and it would be in the interests of the "people of this country" if 'Charlie' spoke to the Law Society and their members with his ramblings.

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