To: enquiries@gregsonslaw
Subject: Fasthosts complaint; ticket 1922748
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 20:35:30 +0000

Dear Sirs

As you can see some spineless little worm has made a complaint against my website to Fasthosts who closed my account with them on the grounds it is 'defamatory' and goes on to say "the content is totally without substance, and has clearly been written by extremist". If you read www.solicitorsfromhell,com it concerns one firm of solicitors, Thos Boyd Whyte, and supports all statements with documented evidence so to tell Fasthosts "the content is totally without substance" to get the site closed is in fact lying. Furthermore to refer to me as an 'extremist' as well as referring to my website as a load of lies is, I believe, defamation of my character.

If you access the web pages below you will see these maggots had the 'Balls' to put their names to their complaints when trying to close me down, unlike the worm who complained to Fasthosts. ----

Richard Hegarty the Law Society's Chair of the Compliance Board rang me at home in an attempt to intimidate me but found that didn't work either

If you are not the Gregsons Solicitors that have made a complaint against me I most profoundly apologise, however I believe it was Gregsons Solicitors of Liverpool who sent a complaint to Fasthosts.

The web page below is from not ".com" the aforesaid website has no connections with only that '' copied the '.com' name.


56-58 Liverpool Road
Great Crosby


0151 924 6444

Michael Stevenson MA

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I note you are listed by; - -- This site also has no connection with myself.

As I have made no reference(s) to Gregsons Solicitors on my website your complaint against me is unfounded and I would expect you to withdraw your complaint from Fasthosts which will let them apologise to me for the action they have taken against me. Secondly between yourself and Fasthosts I will expect the £10 I paid Fasthosts under the Freedom of Information Acts refunded also the unused web time Fasthosts refused to refund me which was caused by your complaint, in addition I believe between you, you should compensate me for the inconvenience you cause me in transferring my website to another web host.

If you feel this is just another 'nail in the coffin' on behalf of Thos Boyd Whyte then I will add you to my own web pages, including the above part taken from 'Solicitors from Hell' and comment on your vindictive attitude to a person you don't know, has done nothing to you and you have caused great stress to. I hope it will not come to that and please note my website is based on facts which will include this e-mail.

Yours sincerely

Brian Gray