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Hi Chuck
From the rapid events on your 'good' friend' Attorney Carolyn Elefant's website,, it states, after I sent you an email, you informed her she had got her wires severely crossed and she was guilty of telling lies and putting defamatory content on the www against me.

Your 'Very Good' friend Ms Elefant still doesn't know when to stop lying, she makes no contact with me about her vindictive attitude towards me, she puts a 'Post Removal' piece on her website giving the impression it was my fault she had published wrongful defamatory content about me. Even a 'dumb wit' like me knows that if you accuse somebody publicly of 'Extortion' you must have your facts right, it's not for the accused to show an Attorney the mistakes they are making but, even when I informed her she was making force allegations and to make sure she had got her facts right, she took no notice and continued publishing the erroneous 'unfounded' allegations.

Back to "Ms Elefant does not know when to stop lying", in her 'Post Removal' bit she said "For the record, I had invited Mr. Gray to post a correction at my site, but he declined" what she actually said "I am happy to give you an opportunity to write a post explaining your position...;" I was not guilty of anything and she was setting herself up as 'Judge' and her followers as the jury but Ms Elefant had, through her incompetence, already found me guilty. In my email reply I said; "That does not amount to an apology or allow you to continue to leave your unfounded, unsubstantiated slander about me on the internet for the whole world to see", she continued to display her errorneous defamatory publication.

She states "In reality, I had confused the two", the "two" being myself and the one the English Law Society Gazette had written the article about where she had obtain her information. The Gazette clearly named the other person as 'Rick Kordowski', I suppose that was very easy to get confused with 'Brian Gray' as she knew this after I emailed her. The Gazette very clearly named the other site as '.CO.UK' I am '.COM' this is an error a nine year old school child wouldn't make and this Attorney 'Blogs' all over the web telling American Lawyers how to run and be successful in business and she said she got "confused". If this Ms Elefant went to JFK for a flight to London and saw a flight desk with Moscow over the top the odds are she will end up in Russia and say the pilot didn't have his 'Sat-Nav' and lost his way.

Ms Elefant further stated in her 'Post Removal' piece on how the site made money, which I was not doing "I suggested that in my opinion, the "fee for removal" could seem like extortion", that is not what she said in fact she clearly accused me of 'Extortion' by what was published; "So how does the site make money? Extortion" that is a clear accusation, but as we know in her "confused" state she was making 'force' allegations. But she manages to leave the seed of doubt in the readers mind that money is made by dubious means "(a site that generates no revenue, according to an email from the owner)". If lies were a form of diarrhoea this woman would never be out of the toilet.

Ms Elefant also states in her 'Post Removal' piece that my reaction to her publication was to hit back with a page about her on my website, not true, this is an attempt by her to 'belittle' me so as to give credibility to her publication that came about by her incompetent fact finding. I was informed by email of Ms Elefants false and outrageous accusations on the 4th April, some months after their publication on her website. That same day, 4th April, I sent an email to Ms Elefant clearly telling her the allegation were not true and to remove them and to make an apology. Four days later on the 8th April I received an email from Ms Elefant, you would think four days was long enough for a capable Lawyer to investigate her facts but no, through her sheer belligerence, she finds I'm guilty of all of her allegations and her 'punishment' stands. The following day, 9th Apr, I received an email from Ms Elefant that said "Dear Mr. Gray, I see that you have posted a response on your site". Clearly this Elefant is lying, I emailed her on the 4th Apr and waited for her response to my offer of removal and an apology, on the 8th she refused my offer and as her email of the 9th shows I then made a response, I had not been as vindictive as she was and had at least waited for her to respond and/or correct the wrong she was doing against me.

When Lawyers Make Mistakes this is your 'friend' Ms Elefant 'blogging' and states "All Lawyers make mistakes" and goes on to say they use all their deviances to hide them in fact I think she clearly states all American Lawyers lie. You clearly have an 'expert liar' demonstrating how to lie your way out of a difficult situation. It appears to me a vast amount of American Lawyers sit around like Junior School kids listening to the crap drooling out of this 'Solo's' mouth then run off to buy her 'must have' book, what a pathetic lot you are. I suppose we should call her 'Mikey', I don't know if that would really fits, for this Solo could even show Mike Tyson a thing or two when it comes to the 'Ducking & Diving' routines.

As for you it appears you support 'your friend' and condone her actions under the excuse it's acceptable for the American Lawyers not to know thier .COM's from her CO.UK's, as I said above 'Pathetic' and what's more pathetic you haven't got the 'Balls' to put my comment on your Blog, you just refused to publish them then emailed me trying to 'stuff' me back down the hole you assumed I crawled out of. What do I gather from this little 'epic' run-in with an American Lawyer! That they are exactly the same as their English counterparts and that doesn't take much working out.

If Carolyn Elefant is the 'norm' as far as the American Lawyer fraternity goes the public over there most certainly don't get much for their money. I suppose the Lawyers "over here" will have a good laugh at an Attorney's total 'incompetence' "over there".

In London's West End there once was a stage show called 'Billy Liar' your friend could come over and put a show on called the 'Elefant Liar' she wouldn't need any supporting cast she could manage it on her own. My thoughts are she would be the biggest 'Solo' comedy act to ever come out of America.

Brian Gray
PS Tell Ms Elefant to carry on Blogging and turn the whole American Lawyer fraternity into idiots which she is most capable of doing.

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