Re: Comment on "Solo By Choice - The Premise"?
From: Charles Newton (
Sent: 22 April 2010 21:03:05

Dear Mr. Gray: My blog is certainly not going to publish this comment. First, I took a quick look at your site, and although I might lack the context to understanding what you are saying, it made absolutely no sense to me. That is certainly true in regard to your rant about Carolyn Elefant. Second, the purpose of my blog and this post on which you issued this statement is to enlighten in a positive way attorneys who wish to engage in the solo practice of law in the USA. As far as I know, that is the purpose of Ms. Elefant's book. It is not to get involved in petty and escalating disagreements you might have with a solicitor in your country. My point is that your arguments might be perfectly legitimate, I do not know, but they are not relevant to this blog. Third, although I know nothing about Ms. Elefants cases or clients or all of her statements, in that I do not practice with her or in the same practice area, I consider her a friend. She is very well respected in this country for her contributions to the solo practice of law. Therefore, I am not about to publish a comment concerning nasty little statements that are designed to achieve nothing else but to get a rise out of people.

Chuck Newton

Is Carolyn Elefant the original American 'Solicitor from hell' which is a 'Solo' operator who clearly needs help to check she gets her facts right. Clients of this 'One man Band' (sorry Woman) should be aware that her information collecting skills are suspect which led to her telling lies that could end in 'Defamatory' law suits if they are not careful, especually when accusing somebody of "Extortion". At present this 'Solo' needs a wide birth. See; -