Lying Attorney Carolyn Elefant

The 'Elefant' has, for months, published defamatory content and accused me of 'Extortion' because in her self-admitted "confused" state she thought the name Brian Gray was spelt "Rick Kordowski".- They say Elephants have good memories, as we now know; this is one very 'confused' Elefant.

I don't suppose she will mind me calling her 'Elefant' being as I am the one falsely accused by her. Of course the reason for her accusations, she states, was her 'confused' state of mind which of course any Supreme High Court Judge would find a reasonable defence for a 22 year experienced Attorney to succumb to.- I suppose most people would think my reference to the 'Elefant' as impolite well, look below, you will see I am 'promoted' to "Gray" but I suppose this Elefant who found me guilty despite my protests of innocence, was in a confused state and her belief was that no criminal Court could ever vindicate me.

Can any Eagle eyed Attorney spot her apology for false unwarranted accusations against me in Elefant's 'take-down' announcement??- Furthermore if you read the second email I sent to her "colleague"/good friend Chuck Newton Attorney you will see this short 'Post Removal' announcement is full of more lies and as I said to her 'good' friend Chuck "If lies were a form of diarrhoea this woman would never be out of the toilet".

The Elefant states I complain that she 'criticized' my site, that's not true.- Anyone is welcome or has the right to criticise my web pages but they don't have the right to make false, outrageous, defamatory allegations, falsely accuse me of extortion and publish it on the www.- Even if she is confused, her state of mind is not my concern and she should consider seeing a shrink to sort the problem out.

Post Removed Regarding Solicitors From Hell
Posted on April 23, 2010 by Carolyn Elefant
I do not do much in the way of post removals, but a few months ago, I made a mistake in a post, having confused the site Solicitors from Hell (a site that generates no revenue, according to an email from the owner) with, a site that allows clients to post complaints about solicitors and allows firms to pay a fee to seek removal, according to this story. I suggested that in my opinion, the "fee for removal" could seem like extortion - and Brian Gray, owner of Solicitors from Hell sent an email complaining that I had criticized his site. In reality, I had confused the two. Despite the emails from Gray, I couldn't figure out my error until he sent a subsequent email to a colleague, where it was stated more clearly. For the record, I had invited Mr. Gray to post a correction at my site, but he declined, preferring to take this approach.

As my readers are well aware, I am more than happy to correct mistakes, but I need to understand what they are. If you feel that I've mis-posted, please send an email explaining the error clearly or give me a call.

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