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Hi Chuck ---------------- (Chuck's 'Good Friend' - Attorney Carolyn Elefant - Washington D C)
Thought you might have been tempted to email me if only to say how shocked you are about your 'good' friend's lies and her knack of altering the facts to suit her own ends. I wonder if you have the 'Balls' to give an honest reply with your own true thoughts and not what your 'friend' has 'brain washed' you with? I suppose that is too much to expect.

The point here is you think and your 'good' friend believes you can put lies, accusations and defamatory content on the www with impunity and act as Judge, Jury and Executioner ie unless the victim can prove to Carolyn Elefant that they are innocent then your friend finds, they are guilty (funny old system in America).

If you go to; you will see that the website, which in your friend's 'confusion' made her accuse me of doing the same type of thing, is being sued for, it appears, £50,000 £100,000. It seems the basis is defamatory content that Rick Kordowski has published on the internet, I suppose he could have grounds and even some evidence to some degree to support his case. In Carolyn Elefant's case she totally targeted the wrong person and when that person (myself) contacted her and asked her to remove it and publish an apology she refused point blank. Her excuse was she was 'confused', do you believe a Court would accept that as an excuse from a 22yr experienced Attorney?

At your 'good' friends 'Post Removal' blog; things are, amongst other things, said about me from friends/followers of Ms Elefant such as; "...and condolences on having to deal with such an unpleasant person". I am the innocent party but ended up the villain. As the comments evolved the rhetoric changed direction and I do know from an email that Ms Elefant blocked later ones because her 'Crown' was slipping.

It is one month since I first emailed Caroline Elefant and, after you contacted her to inform her of her disastrous mistake, she posted a 'Post Removal' and even lied on that to keep her 'Crown' intact. Yes that's right, I'm just that bit of 'dog-shit' left on the road to be trod on and Ms Elefant carries on with her head up her own arsehole. Pathetic.

I did send a complaint to the WSBA Office of Disciplinary Counsel but it appears there is not a Lawyer licensed in Washington D C of the name Carolyn Elefant , a search of has found her and I will submit a new complaint.

Oh yes, from her own mouth she admits this is not the first time she has put defamatory accusations on the www. I just wonder what the Bar Association will think of her frequent unwarranted accusations on the www not to mention of setting herself up as Judge, Jury and executioner.

In your friends 'Post Removal' a comment she made states; "...I had made a mistake so I was loathe to apologize" Question! Has anybody spotted an 'apology'???? Then she states; "Had Mr. Gray sent me a post, I would have put it up for him". What's up with this 'stupid' 'stupid' woman, didn't she read the two emails I sent her or is it another sign of her dyslexia, I don't have to enter her personal 'Court' room (MyShingle.Com) to plead my innocence. How the hell has this woman been allowed in America to set herself up as a Supreme High Court Judge and her 'arse licking' followers on her blog "Myshingle" as her dedicated jury who without question hang on her every word?

If you access the story about Rick Kordowski on the English Law Society Gazette you will see the Gazette just told the story and made no allegations. What did your friend the 'self-appointed judge' do? She went in fists flying, guns blazing it didn't matter she had got all the basic facts wrong, someone was going to suffer, which as it is now known was an innocent party. Sounds familiar to George Bush Jr and the Iraq war, what did Kofi Anan say "Iraq was better off under Saddam Husain than Blair and Bush".

You have to smile when you read your good friend's master piece When Lawyers Make Mistakes there is even a bit about "THE MOST SERIOUS ERRORS" as you said on your website you rushed out and bought her 'Must Have' book, I can only assume you sleep with it under your pillow as your new found Bible.

My final thoughts are you are, like all the rest, sitting around licking your friends arse and you will end up with a nasty taste in your mouth.

Brian Gray

PS I repeat what I said in my first email to your friend, under the 'PS', "I do not apologise if I sound annoyed, because I am very 'annoyed'".

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