Original - Solicitors from Hell .com Est. Feb 2003

Chuck tells me he's a good friend of Solo Attorney Carolyn Elefant probably why he did not publish my previous comments on his 'Blog' and this one is unlikely to make it either!

Hi Charles Newton, that name rings a 'bell', is your middle name 'Thomas' by any chance?
Probably not, more like Charles Newton 1874 - 1926 the silent era American movie actor.
I see you are a fan of Ms Elefant. Question, if I put defamatory content about you on the www and accused you of 'Extortion' would you be pleased? If you emailed me telling me I had got the facts wrong and asked me to remove them and publish an apology, which appears to be a generous offer, but even then I refused to remove them, what would your reactions be?

Ms Elefant read an article in the English Law Society Gazette that ran a story concerning a Rick Kordowski the owner and author of SolicitorsFromHell.CO.UK with the facts of how he charges 'disgruntled' solicitors clients a fee to 'Blacklist' the, supposedly, offending Solicitor or their firm, Rick Kordowski then, so the article states, makes a varying charge to the Solicitor or their firm to remove one or all complaints against them.

What Rick Kordowski does on his website CO.UK is not my business or concern. After I sent two emails to Ms Elefant you would have expected she would have checked that her information was correct and took the offer I made in my first email, but no she continues to leave false defamatory content about me on the www.

My name is Brian Gray and has no resemblance to Rick Kordowski, my website is SolicitorsFromHell.COM I repeat .COM even your friend Ms Elefant could not miss that unless she suffers with dyslexia.

Ms Elefant makes a lot of 'When Lawyers Make Mistakes', you should read it, but she is not seeing her own 'shortcomings' if she did, perhaps she would put her hands up and of course if she was more particular in her information gathering and reads what's printed she would not get things wrong.

As you believe it is OK for an American Lawyer to publish lies and defamatory content about others I take it you won't mind if I do the same about you.

If your friend, Ms Elefant, had even trouble to look at my web pages she would have found a 'Disclaimer' of any involvement with Rick Kordowski or his website .CO.UK he did copy the title name of my website but that doesn't mean I am responsible for the content or condone what he is doing.

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