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'Terry' one man's revenge!
'Beware of Loose Information that may concern you'.
The Law Society will use it against you.
The Law Society now uses the Internet to acquire information on solicitors' clients and/or complainants. Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Law Society's Compliance Board, Senior Administrator Solicitor of Hegarty & Co. with offices in Peterborough and Stamford, while carrying out 'Law Society business' (so I'm told) accessed information from the Internet about me to use so he could on behalf of the Law Society telephone me during the evening and try to 'intimidate' me with threats. Not only that but the Law Society's Consumers Complaints Service and Zahida Manzoor, the Legal Services Ombudsman, say this is all correct and within the rules for members of the Law Society to act towards clients and complainants. What hope is there for a complainant when the LSO, who is supposed to walk the 'middle road', believes solicitors can threaten and intimidate anyone who has dared to ask a question?

If you ask the Law Society for information under the 'Freedom of Information Acts', even when by law they should have sent this information to the complainant during the course of their investigation, they will lie and tell you they are 'exempt' from the Freedom of Information Acts and Zahida Manzoor will 'conspire' with the Law Society to withhold information to protect solicitors, in this case 'Dickie the Chair'.

The Law Society have, in the case of complainants, their 'Data Protection Notice' and all solicitors are, supposedly, bound by their 'confidentiality' rule which gives the impression all client/complainant data/information held by these 'Gods' is safe and will only be used for the purpose(s) for which it was given, well think again. Aman Virk (Miss) Manager, Quality & Service Standards at the Law Society told me when I questioned these rules "...since this was Law Society business, the question of information passing outside of the Law Society would not in any event arise" this was confirmed by 'King Richard' the Information Commissioner and Zahida Manzoor the Legal Services Ombudsman who both agree anyone can telephone any lawyer or departments of the Law Society or firms of solicitors for whatever information they require and it will be given to be used for whatever reason they want, of course they only have to say over the telephone "I am a Solicitor" no other identification is required.

Although King Richard, Zahida Manzoor and the Law Society say information can be collect over the telephone just take a look at their 'Data Collection' and 'Disclosure' rules.

Bearing in mind the 'Data Protection Notice' the solicitors 'confidentiality' rule and the 'Data Collection' and 'Disclosure' rules if you click Here you can see a telephone 'Attendance Note' written by my Solicitor at Thos Boyd Whyte, clearly shows that before my complaint came under investigation information was given, from my complaints file, to my newly assigned Assistant Solicitor by the Law Society to be used for 'unrelated' purposes to my complaint (all to aid Thos Boyd Whyte to sack me as a paying client). The 'rules' were broken and I supplied clear evidence to Zahida Manzoor, Legal Services Ombudsman, but she refused to even comment on it as she has done on all the evidence I supplied. Is she 'bent' or just carrying-out 'Chuckling Charlie's' instructions to 'Protect' members of the Law Society which will show the reason he made her 'Legal Services Complaints Director'.