Friday 13 January 2006
Your Ref: 9724

Dr Howard Stoate MP
House of Commons

Dear Dr Stoate

Re: Further to my letter of the 8th November 2005

Please find enclosed a copy of a letter I wrote on 30th December 2005 to the Legal Services Ombudsman's solicitors that relates to a 'Questionnaire' I sent her in June last year. The enclosed letter can be accessed at "" with live links to all other associated documents for ease of use.

From the enclosed letter you will see I only expected Zahida Manzoor to answer the 'Questionnaire' I did not expect intimidating tactics, i.e. to be told I have a "weak case", that I am out of time and they will seek costs against me. You will also see that as well has sexually discriminating against me if you look at the guide lines on maladministration I believe by not applying the rules or to be precise, ignoring them, she is guilty of 'maladministration'.

I am still confused with the Parliamentary Ombudsmen not being able to look at how a complaint was handled by the Law Society's complaints department. If you look at the PO's website it states: - "There are a number of Government departments and other public bodies which the Ombudsman can investigate". Under "L" it states: - "Legal Services Complaints Commission".
Who is the "Legal Services Complaints Commission"??

After I wrote to you on the 8 November last I noticed a lot of activity around my website so now the Christmas recess is over you could update me on any contact with the Master of the Rolls office.

Yours sincerely