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23 December 2003

Complaints Department
Office for Supervision of Solicitors
Victoria Court
8 Dormer Place
Leamington Spa
CV32 5AE

Your Ref.

Dear Sir

Complaint: - - Breach of the Confidentiality rule by Richard Hegarty and a Third Party

As you know under the 'confidentiality' rule no personal, especially from closed files, information should be passed to a third party or between members of the Law Society without the consent of the solicitors' client, ex- or otherwise. In my case consent was not asked for and most definitely has not been given.

First, it appears from a third party Richard Hegarty, who should know better, sought out personal information, from closed files, on myself for his own use in an attempt to intimidate me. I believe this is a most serious 'Breach of Confidentiality' that amounts to Professional Misconduct at the very least and must be addressed.

Secondly, by the copy of the enclosed letter I sent to Richard Hegarty it sets out what my complaint amounts to also it will be seen I gave him the opportunity to reply and give details or an explanation but he failed to do so.

Third, the 'third party' that supplied my personal information to Richard Hegarty must be made known and disciplinary action must be taken for such a serious breach of the 'rules' and the person responsible must be removed from any access to personal information, mine or others, without delay
Complaint against: -
Richard Hegarty
Chair of the Compliance Board
Hegarty & Co Solicitors
48 Broadway

Third party: - This information should be supplied by Richard Hegarty.

Yours sincerely

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