Dickie the Chair Hegarty

The 'Bull' in a China Shop

Your Ref: RJH/JMB

Mr Richard Hegarty
Chair of the Compliance Board
Hegarty & Co Solicitors
48 Broadway
5th December 2003

Dear Sir

Re: Solicitors Rules

On the 6 November this year at 6.15pm, one hour after your office had closed, you rang me at my home, you asked the lady who answered the 'phone if that was 'Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxx' and then you asked for myself by name.

Two points we note here are: -
First you had my home 'phone number that is not listed nor was it on previous correspondence I sent to you.
Second you knew what my business name was, again not on any previous correspondence, also I believe your 'phone call was an attempt to intimidate me.

First of all let us look at the Law Society's confidentiality rule: -
Confidentiality: Client details must be kept confidential (not even the client's identity may be disclosed without the client's consent)

As I believe my 'Confidentiality has been Breached' by yourself and a third party from whom you got this information, I intend sending a complaint to the OSS. The OSS state in the first instance the 'in-house complaints procedures' should be used. I'm not sure this applies in this case, but I believe this gives you the opportunity to reply and explain where and how you obtained this information so I can consider how, where, if or what the context of my complaint will be.

If you had for some reason, concerning my letter to Kevin Martin dated 3 August last that was redirected to yourself, decided to investigate anything I had said you would have written and told me, or that you had requested to look at my file from the OSS. You didn't, what you did do was to write a letter to rebuke me for complaining and referred to me as a "disgruntled complainant", not very nice, but then again 'Professional Misconduct' is not something to be proud of.

Yours sincerely

B R Gray

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