3 March 2004

Data Controller
Office for Supervision of Solicitors
Victoria Court
8 Dormer Place
Lemmington Spa
CV32 5AE

Your ref. CRO/6531-1999

Dear Sir

Re: Collection of Data

Please find enclosed a copy of a letter I wrote to the Department of Constitutional Affairs. From this letter you will see I am very concerned about the way that data concerning me and held by your office has been misused. Lord Falconer's tells me I should make my request for information directly to the Data Controller.

From the enclosed letter dated 5 January, highlighted in green, you can see my concern in how data that was not related to my complaint has been used and it is clear the information I am seeking.

In the case of Richard Hegarty I would like to know what information he has and any that was not in correspondence I sent to him retrieved. I want to know how he obtained it, from whom it was obtained, the reasons he gave to obtain it, the method he obtained it and why he was given it.

Yours sincerely