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SOLICITORS are seen as "arrogant, slow and crooked" according to an article in the Guardian reporting on a ICM Poll commissioned by the RAC.

This website was forced to close on in May 2004 by the Law Society but opened again within 14 days with a new Hosting Company, 'Dickie the Chair', on behalf of the Law Society,- failed to stop - 'Freedom of Speech'.

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TBW say "We use leading edge case management technology" (I wonder what that is? Read below and you might find out)
First let me start off by just quoting remarks and comments made by the peers of Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors (TBW). A District Judge's opinion showed my case lasted five years longer than it should have. Mr Higgins QC in a letter he wrote to The Bar Council, in his own defence, said no less than three times that TBW were 'Negligent', also that they were 'Incompetent', The Bar Council apparently agreed with Mr Higgins' letter as did Ann Abraham, the Legal Services Ombudsman (at the time), who also said in a letter she wrote to me "...their work was so bad...". One of TBW's own Solicitors wrote in an Attendance Note "...that he had not been well served..." and also "he would have a right to taxation at the end of the day" she further mentioned the 'delays' (this Solicitor resigned). That 'Toothless Tiger' the Office for the 'Protection' of Solicitors (OSS), who supposedly are 'unbiased' conspired with TBW to give them reasons to sack me, only managed to say that their work was 'Inadequate' and five years didn't amount to a delay.

I sent evidence to the OSS that showed TBW were ‘Dishonest’, for example, through sheer ‘incompetence’ they ended up with two case numbers at Court which they were randomly using, this led to, as my Solicitor wrote in an ‘attendance note’ “the court is getting into a muddle”. These two case numbers caused three attempts for a ‘Substituted Service’ of the summonses, two attempts being bungled because they didn’t realise there were two case numbers and the Court Clerk would eventually have to write to them to explain the problem before the third attempt was successful. This process took fifteen months where I was charged for the additional work and the continuous use of a ‘Process Server’, my Solicitor too’ing and thro’ing the Court and in the meantime she wrote me a letter that said “However, you must be aware of the cost that have occurred and will occur” (sic). I was charged for their mistakes and again to put them right. If they have been ‘dishonest’ with one client it’s a fair bet this has happened to others.

As well as being dishonest they were ‘deceitful’ and told numerous lies. In December 1993 an ‘Attendance Note’ stated “Mr Gray said he was happy to pay whatever it took”, eleven months later, Irene Long my Solicitor at the time, in a time-wasting tactic, advised me to apply for legal aid, these application forms would lay in TBW’s office for thirteen months, Irene Long told numerous lies about them, Margaret Dunton, a Senior Partner, accused me of having them in my possession but Gordon Luckhurst would later admit to the OSS that they were not submitted to the Legal Aid Board for twelve months and shows what a ‘bungling, lying lot’ they are, oh yes I never did get Legal Aid.

In February 1994 a second ‘Attendance Note’ showed I gave instructions to start proceedings and we had contact with the Defendants and their solicitors, from here on in my letters were not being answered, ’phone calls were not taken or returned and when I called at my Solicitors office I could not get past the secretary. Two years into my case I eventually asked to see a Senior Partner. In December 1995 I had a meeting with Margaret Dunton, a Senior Partner at the time, Irene Long had already been asked to ‘pack her bags’, Margaret Dunton apologised for the ‘two years’ of delay and promised to "get things moving", if you believe that then you will believe elephants can fly. Again my letters are not answered and now three years into my case, on 7 November 1996, I sent a ‘recorded delivery’ letter explaining we are running out of time and a summons was issued eleven days later.

You might now, after 3 years, think it would all be plain sailing, oh no, things now really went pearshaped. Margaret Dunton, my Solicitor at the time, send the summonses to the wrong addresses and TBW would over the next four years continually get addresses wrong. The Defendants crawl into the woodwork and their solicitors, through the incompetence of Thos Boyd Whyte, disappeared into the abyss. For the next two years my complaints have been brought to the attention of Gordon Luckhurst the Senior Partner responsible for my case, but he has continually decided to take ‘no action’, in March 1999 I ask to see him and he agrees also in attendance will be Geoff Smith, Senior Litigation Solicitor, to assess and give advice. What happened, Margaret Dunton, who some of my complaints were about and TBW had stated on a Court document had left the firm two years previously, turned up on her own to take the meeting. Gordon Luckhurst would eventually tell the OSS two conflicting stores as to why he didn’t turn up for this meeting and Geoff Smith was nowhere in sight. Oh yes, the ‘Office for the Supervision of Solicitors’ (now the Consumers Complaints Service (CCS)), who was aware at that time that Mr Luckhurst had not attended the first meeting and had on two further occasions refused to see me, did absolutely nothing which makes them as useful the contents of a 'Doggy Poopa Bag'.

In April 1999 I ’phoned this ‘damp squid’, the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors who said, Mr Luckhurst must see me but they still would not intervene, it also states in the ‘Client Care Agreement’ letter that comes under Solicitors rule 15, that you have a right to see a particular Senior partner, well the ‘Client Care Agreement’ letter sent to solicitors' clients is absolutely a useless bit of paper. I sent my complaint to the OSS, as they had advised me, in May ‘99, I continued to write and make 'phone calls but it took the OSS eighteen months to reply and over 2 years to open my file. To this day the OSS and the Legal Ombudsman have refused to address the point that even at the third attempt Gordon Luckhurst still refused to see me or the fact that when I 'phoned the OSS in April '99 for help they were not forthcoming. If you go to it will be seen by the Law Society's own 'rule book' Gordon Luckhurst is guilty of 'Professional Misconduct' and that is why the LSO (Zahida Manzoor) and the OSS refused to investigate this part of my complaint. As I've said before 'the Protection Team do an excellent job', of course that is if you are a Lawyer.

Note: If you Click Here it will take you to a part in a letter I recently (28 Feb '05) wrote to Zahida Manzoor (LSO) that shows the OSS/CCS set me up with, despite Gordon Luckhurst refusual to comply with the Cliet Care Agreement, a reason for Thos Boyd Whyte to sack me which would relieve them of having to refund a further £8,000 (total solicitors fees approx £16,000) that the case would cost me. Click Here 'King Rat' makes an offer.

In addition there are too many things that they got wrong to mention, things like they let video evidence run out of date, summonses run out of time, I had judgment against one Defendant and even though I kept asking them over a two year period to apply for an ‘enforcement order’ they told me that had eventually run out of time.

After seven years, with new and 'competent' solicitors, I won the case but the large construction company that evidence showed the two Defendants owned up until at least November 1996 was by August 2000 now owned by another member of their family their houses were in their wives names and the large German cars were gone. - On 13 September 2000 the two brothers applied for and were declared bankrupt. - My total 'out-of-pocket' expense and lost, after seven years, through the contractor declaring themselves Bankrupt was around £100,000+. (1993-99 estimate)

The final point is that by continually giving the Legal Ombudsman no rest I have got an investigation into my complaint. The down side is as they are so inundated with complaints and despite the fact they have been allotted additional resources it will take somewhere around a years time, if I’m lucky. You have to smile for the ‘little blue book’ put out by the Ombudsman states, “They should carry out a detailed, unbiased investigation, within a reasonable time”.

Foot Note. In the paragraph above I said "I have got an investigation into my complaint" well that turned out to be a 'joke'. Zahida Manzoor, as I understand, was previously employed by the NHS working with women in 'ethnic minorities' I'm sure she would be better in that roll rather than that as the Legal Ombudsman.

Click Here to read a letter I wrote to Zahida Manzoor the Legal Services Ombudsman that shows how bad Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors were which also shows how ZM and the OSS (now the CCS) Protected them even when their pears had labelled them 'incompetent, negligent took at least 5 years to long'. Click Here to see how 'High Ranking Lawyers' talk about the 'Old Boys Network'.

With more than ‘a little help’ from my solicitors two crooks got away free

There cannot be a worse firm of solicitors in England, if so I would like to print an article on them, SolicitorsFromHell, this would include how the ‘Complaints’ procedure worked if there were unacceptable delays and were you satisfied with the end results.

What does Thos Boyd Whyte say on their website;
FOR A CARING PROFESSIONAL APPROACH TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS -If you Believe that, you will believe anything
CRIMINAL DEFENCE Criminal Partner Gordon T Luckhurst
"We recognise that when you instruct a solicitor you are making a very important decision. You need to be assured that the firm you instruct can not only do the job, but can do it efficiently, keeping you informed and giving you the best advice available. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of performance in your case and the care you receive".
The only true thing about this load of 'Garble' is 'Criminal Partner Gordon T Luckhurst'.

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