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"Solicitors Review Section"

This section is for solicitors clients to put a review of their Solicitor or the firm in general say, good, average or poor if you feel you were total unhappy with them click Here to go into more detail.

Solicitors' will not be made aware of comments about them but may very likely visit of their own free will. The main issue 'would you recommend your solicitors to a friend'.
All information must be by email, no personal information or e-mail addresses will be published. Full name or a first name, your choice, will be published alongside the contents of your review we are only interested in a general view of your dealings with a solicitors.
No abusive content will be published and any received will be returned for you to modify.
This service is totally without any charge.

Gregsons Solicitors is now known as - - Liverpool UK - Tel. 0151 924 6444
Ian Wright a Partner and Michael Stevenson, Clinical 'Negligence', at Gregsons who now go under the name of "" (lol) accused the author/owner of a website of the crimes of another person, then contacted the innocent person's web host and threatened them with legal action if they did not close the website. This law firm is vindictive, don't apologise for their mistakes and their research skills are nil, it is advised they are given a 'WIDE BIRTH'.

Thomas Boyd Whyte have again got their knickers twisted, because the Guardian and their 'Star Idiot' Journalist put false defamatory content on the web about this website they believe this website belongs to Rick Kordowski and is going to be sued by the Law Society. Well they made a right 'hash-up' of my litigation so things have still not changed with them.

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