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Just a few facts by two Law Society 'EXPERTS' and the WHICH? Consumers Magazine:-

John Carey

Richard (Solicitor Richard Miller) Dissolved??

Thank you for your kind words, I suppose that short sentence: -

Something with an appalling newsreader that seems incapable of
attributing quotes.

Just about chewed me up and spat me out.

I’m sorry Richard that I’m not too bright and at 70 not up to today’s super fast technology like the super intelligent younger beings of today.

My previous posting was my first ever, I notice your count is well over 5,000 (count to date 7,500 and growing) making you super intelligent in/on every subject. I suppose it could be said Tony Blair and George Bush would come into the ‘super’ intelligent league but then look at the state of the world we got into with those two. They say ‘you can’t put an old head on young shoulders’ George Senior was wise enough to stop short of taking out Saddam Hussein. What did Tony and George Junior do? They went in guns blazing and fists flying, may be there is something to be learnt from us ‘fuddy duddies’ who are trying to become intelligent.

What did Kofi Annan say, Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussain than Clair and Bush?

You state: -

Everything that follows this represents an appalling abuse of statistics
by you.

All the “statistics” I used were put forward by you, Zahida Manoor the LSO/LSCC, and the Which Magazine who I believe carry out surveys and are independent.

You say

Your argument is complete garbage of the worst kind.

Zahida Manzoor state in Parliament that she was going to ‘enforce’ rule 15 and give training to solicitors firms who do not have a Complaints Procedure
Now the point here is if solicitors are forced to have a Complaints Procedure and your opinion is that none of the 12,000,000 (Which’s estimate) dissatisfied clients use it why would ZM want to enforce it on solicitor firms who don’t need it? Remember all complainants in the first instance must or should take up their grievance with their solicitors Senior Partner before progressing to the CCS. What you are saying there are only on average 17,000 complaints in total (0.2%) every year all referred direct to the CCS and none taken up and settle at local level, where have ZM’s ‘one third’ and Which’s 40% of 30,000,000 dissatisfied clients gone, did none of this 10/12 million ask questions concerning their ‘dissatisfaction’ at local level??

Let us just look at the figures put forward by ZM, the ‘Bees Knees’ of the complaints world and yourself one of the ‘Super Intelligent’ of which I did not say were ‘complaints’ but ‘dissatisfied clients’ (ZM’s words) that you imply none complain at local level. There are 30 million (Richard Miller's estimate) transactions of which one third (ZM’s quote) are ‘dissatisfied clients’ and I said their are 300 working days, that was wrong. Taking weekends, holidays say 6 weeks (30 days) and Bank Holidays the ‘working, days count would be around 223. We know by your estimate of 300 transactions per solicitor per year and ZM’s, one third of ‘dissatisfied clients’ that would mean each solicitor on average has 100 ‘dissatisfied clients’ per year, now 1in6 solicitors are the culprits that = 600 each per year. OK that would mean this 1in6 are over worked so lets, as you say’ be conservative and go for 50%, that means that 1in6 have 300 ‘dissatisfied clients’ per year (all failures no passes) 100% ‘dissatisfied clients’ rate which averages 1.35 clients per day.

Question, are any of these 1in6 solicitors ever sacked for ‘incompetence’?

You also say: -

There is no connection whatsoever between the figure for complainants who are
unhappy with the Law Society handling of their complaint, and the number
of clients who are unhappy with their solicitor.

If all clients were/are happy with their solicitors there would be no ‘complainants’. But obviously by the number of websites springing up it is clear the LS are not carrying out ‘transparent’ and ‘unbiased’ investigation, for instance, if you access an e-mail Spenser sent to SfH, which was one amongst many: - he refers to and gives the web address that clearly would be ‘defamation of character’ and/or ‘inflammatory’ if it wasn’t true, why does Zahida Manzoor and the LS refuse to act?

You further say: -

Moreover, as postings on this newsgroup show, by no means all of those
who are unhappy with the handling of their complaint have any legitimate

It appears to me you have set yourself up as Judge and Jury!

Instead of trying to ‘belittle’ people you should possible try to help them and not be self opinionated.

OK I’ve have possibly wandered a bit off line probable a touch of ‘Old Timers’ sorry should that be ‘Alzheimer’s’


John Carey

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