. Thomas Boyd Whyte Solicitors Bexleyheath, Kent England
Also known as -
Stuart Hurrion and Green - same owner, Gordon Luckhurst.
Gordon Luckhurst is coming-up for retirement and it looks like he is trying to change the name of his law company so the new owners will not know its past history but I will see that doesn't happen… Whatever happens I will make sure it keep the number one 'Solicitors from Hell' status, whatever the name and should be avoided at all costs...

The Original - Solicitors from Hell .com Est. Feb 2003

"fair criticism" is "entirely valid" and that the need for clients to be able to give feedback is "extremely important". Desmond Hudson, Law Society Chief Executive - 23 March 2011 09:49

Gordon Luckhurts's Professional Misconduct - Client Care Agreement
This letter written by Gordon Luckhurst to the Law Society, highlighted in red, he clearly admits to refusing to comply with the Law Society's 'Solicitor Practice Rule 15' which again by the Law Society own rules is an act of Professional Misconduct by him. The CCS refused to investigate this violation of the rules and Zahida Manzoor the Legal Services Ombudsman, who is supposed to see the CCS follow the rules, ganged up with the CCS to cover Gordon Luckhurst arse. Zahida Manzoor had her Legal Adviser, Rob Bartram, write to me saying "you might have other remedies available to you if you are dissatisfied with your approach to this Office" which clearly I followed and put my story on the Internet which shows how corrupt the Law Society are.
It is clear this kind of thing is going on all the time by people (Law Society at Chancery Lane and the LSO) who operate the Law Society's 'Complaint Procedures Protection Racket'.

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In 2016 the Legal Ombudsman was forced to identified law firms that had complaints made against them. Well low & behold Thomas Boyd Whyte pop-up with three more straight away against them, but the LS gave no details what the complaint were but in all, in two out of the three complaints, it cost them or their insurance over £16,000 so knowing how tight the Law Society are it must have been serious and take notice knowing that in the past how the Legal Ombudsman defended the legal fraternity 2 out of 3 of these are labeled "Poor Service" so nothing has changed at Thomas Boyd Whyte's (food for thought....)


Oct. 2018

Gordon Luckhurst Senior Partner and Top Man at Thomas Boyd Whyte is still in charge of the complaints procedure, of course providing they have one, will probably sack you if you do dare to complain as he did to me, so think carefully when or if you do employ them… See above

Don't be afraid to complain about your lawyer says Legal Ombudsman
Adam Sampson