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Gordon Luckhurst is coming-up for retirement and it looks like he is trying to change the name of his law company so the new owners will not know its past history but I will see that doesn't happen… Whatever happens I will make sure it keep the number one 'Solicitors from Hell' status, whatever the name and should be avoided at all costs...

Professional Misconduct by Gordon Luckhurst

In a letter written to the CCS by Gordon Luckhurst, the Senior Partner at Thos Boyd Whyte, he clearly admits he is guilty of Professional Misconduct "I do fully appreciate Mr Gray's complaint was not dealt with appropriately...". If you read what Zahida Manzoor said in Parliament about enforcing the Law Society Rule 15, let me quote her "I think a robust approach by the Law Society... solicitors who need training in client care are given that training". When the same scenario happened to a woman she said "I had one ludicrous example recently... things have got to change" you straight away realise this woman fell off the 'Fruit and Veg Stall' and the only thing on her mind is protecting members of the Law Society.



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