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Gordon Luckhurst, Senior Partner, Thomas Boyd Whyte Solicitors.

A Strictly 'Incompetent' Firm of Solicitors

This ATTENDANCS NOTE written on 8th February 1994 by my Solicitor, Irene Long, clearly shows I gave her strict instructions to start proceedings 'immediately'. It also shows we had contact with the defendants and their solicitors so why would I have to send a recorded letter three years later to get the summonses issued. Sandra Durant, the third Solicitor in charge of my affairs, said in a letter "it is better to deal with solicitors rather than the defendants themselves" I wonder why it took 7 years and a Private Investigator to identify the where-a-bouts of the defendants to get them to Court.

Some of the reasons were that Thomas Boyd Whyte, Bexleyheath had two case numbers at Court being randomly used and blaming the Court for "getting into a muddle", video evidence running out of date, summonses served at wrong addresses through carelessness although these problems were caused by 'incompetence' I still had to paid the bill for all these problems TBW had caused.