King Richard the Information Commissioner

You have to laugh at this letter because King Richard states the reason my Solicitor 'phoned the CCS was to see if I had made a complaint against them (which they already knew, see an Attendance Note previously written by my Solicitor, Sandra Durrent) and as I had he states the Ethics Committee advise my solicitors that a 'Conflict of Interests' existed and they should sack me. King Richard or the Ethics Committee was not interested in the fact that the Senior Partner, Gordon Luckhurst, was guilty of Professional Misconduct by refusing to comply with Solicitors Practice Rule 15 (Client Care Agreement) and the CCS had advised me to send them a complaint based on this fact and why I had asked to see the Senior Partner responsible for my case. My complaint had not yet under investigation which the CCS sat-on for over 3yrs till after I had been Sack so my solicitors should not have been told about or what was in it (i.e. that I had accused them of 'negligence).

King Richard states the contents of my complaints was not discussed over the telephone but he fails to explain how my Solicitor knew the contents of my complaints file i.e. I had made the allegation of 'Negligence' by Thos Boyd Whyte. Well as everyone knows King Richard is a 'Fully Paid-Up Member' of the Protection Team.

Another joke by King Richard, at the bottom of this letter it states; " may wish to consider complaining to the Parliamentary Ombudsman..." I did but Ann Abraham who was the previous Legal services Ombudsman and is now the Parliamentary Ombudsman will tell you this falls outside of her remit, different to what it states on her website. Quite clearly this shows all of them are just part of the Law Society Mafia Old Boys Network 'Protection Racket'
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