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King Rat -- Enemy No.1 . . . . . . Feb 2003
Gordon Luckhurst Senior Partner and sole owner at Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors
Thomas Boyd Whyte 302 Broadway and 287/289 Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent.

Gordon Luckhurst, the Senior Partner responsible for the overseeing of my case, was very aware how bad I had been treated by Thos Boyd Whyte’s Solicitors. First he wouldn’t see me to discuss my dissatisfaction as he had no excuses, second he offered me £7,500 of my expenses back, plus £1,500 compensation in trying to persuade me not to continue my complain with the OSS. What did the OSS do, this ‘Solicitors Protection Society’ cut the £7,500 back to £1,297.50 and kept the £1,500 only because it had been ‘offered’. Just how ‘corrupt’ can this ‘self appointed’ complaints body be? The LSO Did eventually make TBW refund all my costs. Oh yes, the OSS and the LSO still would not address Gordon Luckhurst's professional misconduct even though he wrote a letter to the CCS admitting to the fact.

Have you ever had a firm of solicitors where you find you have been ‘Mugged’ as well as being robbed? Have you found your Solicitor has lied, been deceitful and dishonest, their work was incompetent, negligent and they took years longer than was reasonable? There were 19,500 complaint against solicitors last year and probable over twice this amount settled locally, what other 'business' could afford so many 'complaints' and survive? Zahida Manzoor's comment on 5 Mar '03 " may only be the tip of the iceburg"
Have you complained to the ‘Office for the Supervision of Solicitors’ and find this 'Protection Team' take years to investigate your complaint, they conspire with your solicitors in violating their own rules as well has violating the Data Protection Acts to protect the solicitors in spite of the Ombudsman’s ‘little blue book’ that states “They should carry out a detailed, unbiased investigation, within a reasonable time”? There are at present (July '03) 9,000 'live' complaints being investigated by the OSS's Complaints Department out of some current 19,000.
Have you ever paid a Barrister for an ‘opinion’ on the solicitors and find you have a bigger fight on your hands? You find the Barrister has written a 'defence' for the solicitors base on lies the solicitors had told. You then find the Legal Ombudsman writes to you agreeing the 'Barrister's Opinion' is 'inaccurate' and cannot be 'relied upon' but decided she will do nothing about it.
Have you ever complained to 'The Bar Council' and these 'Mythical Gods' instantly pounce on you throwing your evidence back at you, saying it is part of your 'litigation' and then accept identical evidence from the Barrister? - Mr Higgins QC in his own written defence to the Bar Council said Thos Boyd Whyte were 'Negligent' and 'Incompetent' and were responsible for at least 3½ years of delays, all of which he failed to put in his Opinion Report which I had previously asked him to write on Thos Boyd Whyte's handling of my litigation.

You finally resort to 'God's Gift'' of the complaints world and her 'Jolly Band' of helpers where you think you will get justice. Well think again, the Ombudsman's predecessor, Ann Abraham (now the Parliamentary Ombudsman) agreed with Mr Higgins QC that my solicitors, Thos Boyd Whyte, were negligent, incompetent and caused delays of over 3½ years and she also stated in a letter "...their work was so bad..." you might think at the end of the day you will get justice. - When Zahida Manzoor came along in 2003 as Legal Services Ombudsman she was truly a 'God's Gift' to the Members of the Law Society.

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