This 'ATTENDANCE NOTE' written by my Solicitor clearly shows she collected information, at the very least, that a complaints file existed, which was not yet under investigation by the CCS, and the next day I was sacked.
Rule 2.01 Taking on clients
(2) You must not cease acting for a client except for good reason and on reasonable notice.
In the first instance, if a law firm are in 'violation' of the 'Client Care Agreement' then they cannot have a 'good reason' to "cease acting for a client". Gordon Luckhurst, Senior Partner at Thomas Boyd Whyte's on three occasions refused to 'honour' the said agreement then sent me a contemptuous letter offering help to make a complaint to the CCS which made him guilty of 'Professional Misconduct.
Rule 18.02
1. Professional conduct obligations can be more onerous than legal obligations. For example, if an undertaking is given in the course of representing a party to a dispute, the resolution of the dispute will not necessarily discharge the undertaking.
4. The giver cannot unilaterally withdraw from an undertaking once the recipient has placed reliance on it.
5. The OSS has no power to order the release of a solicitor from the terms of an undertaking. This is a matter for the Court, or the person entitled to the benefit of the undertaking.

A look at the rule regarding the 'Requesting' of information;
"All requests for information in accordance with this Code shall be in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive, and shall be signed by the person making the request".
King Richard own rule book states "If someone wants to use your information for another purpose…you should be told about it and given a choice".
Data Protection Notice
We will use the information you give us to investigate your complaint. We will not use that information for any unconnected purpose without your consent. We will have to reveal your information to the firm or solicitor you have complained about
(The CCS should only give relevant information concerning the complaint to the solicitors while under investigation and not telephone requested information by the solicitors18 months before the case comes under investigation).
These are basic Law Society Rules that the CCS ignore and the Lord Chancellor elected 'Bee's Knees' of the 'Complaints World' gives backing to and the whole Legal Fraternity right through to Woolfie know about it.

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