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dodgy solicitors & legalcoverup society

Its sadly nice to see I'm not alone I have looked at some of your site and don't have the time to read more today but its nice to see others understand the frustration your going through I will look more into your site at a later date as I have had problems I have been crippled at work and a dodgy solicitor was dealing with my case and has just been backed up by the Legal Complaints Society in an email I received today.

I don't want to rabbit on and bore you but this solicitor is mentioned on your site that's how I found you but I was crippled at work and they tried to force me to take an out of court settlement for £1,000 two weeks before an operation date(it was obvious they cut the deal) I refused so they stamped there feet and took me to court to have there name removed from file saying the reason was I was hurt at work and cured and trying to claim different even though I still have problems! I wasn't allowed to defend myself.

Oh and the reason I don't have the time to read more into your site today I'm preparing to go to hospital tomorrow for my second operation to break my shoulder and the consultant says ill never return to normal work my career is over and my life is ruined but this seems not to matter to the solicitor or the legal complaints mob I'm sure there's something there not quite getting hear even video evidence isn't enough.

Oh well keep up the good work it helps just knowing your not alone

Lawrence Thompson


can you help

I would like to thank you for you web sit i have all so have problem with the olso i took the olso to the high court but i fail, the judge Mr Justice M Kay the judge said there was no reason for a judicial review and so i appeal to the court of appeal and put new evidence to the court showing that the Ombudsman had lie to the court but Mr Justice Brooke turn down my request, i have try to get the book about the corrupt judge but when i type in web site the book firm authorhouse say have not the book can you help me get a copy i am all so try to get this corrupt system change

thank you
Mr Vincent Spoors

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