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"Solicitors from Hell"
Hi Brian
I would like to add to your list of Solicitors from Hell, namely : -
M/s V Harvey

C/ o Pattinson & Brewer - Solicitors
71 Kingsway,
London WC2 6S

Back in about August 1994, she was put onto my case from T&GWU . In this case Croydon Social Services accused me of making Racist remark, ie being a Racist.( The only remark made was to an Anglo Indian when I was eating a bacon roll, I remarked to a colleague, "Its a pity Paki's, ((or was it Pakistanis )) I cannot remember which, are not allowed to eat pork.) This Anglo Indian claimed I made this remark at him, and called him a Paki, and reported it to the office, with 2 other (White LIARS)who were supposed to have been in the Mess Room when the remark was made, they were not there! through this I was brought up on a Disciplinary. Well in the Disciplinary (KANGAROO COURT), and subsequent enquiries to other Ethnic minorities in the works, which included Blacks, they stated that at no time did I ever make a Racist remarks to them. I even told the Kangaroo Court that a few years earlier I had been living in a Pakistani Community, even to living in a house rented from a Pakistani who lived next door, our relationship was good. Also at this time my daughter was courting a Black boy, he even used to stay with us at weekends, we even had a few months earlier had a Black girl stay with us a while, I am by the way white English. Anyway the Kangaroo Court Corrupt officials refused to acknowledge my evidence and continued with the charge. This caused me so much Stress and Upset that I went home straight to my doctor who examined me and immediately signed me off work, told me to go straight home and sent a Specialist to my home, within minutes of me arriving home, who upon seeing me calmed me down, gave me some strong anti-depressants, and informed me I was on the verge of having a Massive Heart Attack, he advised me complete rest, and in no way, not even for the Disciplinary should I contact my works as he would do that and advise them, In spite of this my firm Croydon Social Services continued to Harrass me at home by keep sending letters, with Mr P Davis (Transport Manager at Croydon Social Services) claiming there was nothing wrong with me, even though the Specialist told them to stop as it was worsening my condition, the Specialist also told me to sue them for causing me undue Stress, victimisation etc, and he would submit evidence of my illness, and advised me to move away from Croydon back to Cornwall, away from it all.

I contacted my Union the T&GWU who gave me their CRAP Solicitor M/s V Harvey as stated above. She seemed OK at first taking my statements and getting their statements, my wife and shop steward even got a statement from a Councillor namely Mr Laffin, who stated that he found out it was I quote "a put up job"

This was passed to my Solicitor. My wife and I kept contacting M/s Harvey for progress, she kept assuring us things were going Ok, it even got to the point where I was given a date for a Court Hearing. I must add here that this had taken a couple/few years to reach this point, at which time I had been signed off on the sick permanently as Incappacitated, and moved back to Cornwall as advised, and was attending a specialist in Bodmin, Cornwall, as well as taking a trip to see a Cro Social Services Phsycologist near Kings College. Well more time passed, the hearing was cancelled with no reason given, in spite of continually contacting Harvey, no more progress was made, apart from CRAP promises, in total about 7 to 8 yeas had passed since the event, when Harvey requested that I meet with her in London. Upon arrival, my wife and I were met by M/s Harvey and a Pompous PRATT, whom I assumed was a Barrister, they then put some papeon the table containing some more allegations against me, with the Anglo Indian claiming I had been leaning out of my coach window in the street, and at a Training Centre shouting "Paki Bastard" and other Racist Remarks, I nearly fell through the floor, I said to Harvey why is this not backed up by evidence from people in the street or at the Training Centre, who must have heard it IF IT HAPPENED?, and also we both must have had a Courier, let alone passengers, with us, why was no complaint made by the Couriers or anone else to the office?, I said I will tell you why because HE IS A LIAR it did not happen, also why has it taken all these years, 7/8 years for this allegation to be brought forward?, it took him a long time to think that one up!, also the Specialist at Bodmin claimed I only visited him once, and did not attend subsequent appointments, He was a LIAR I attended quite a few appointments with him, I expect he got a Bribe from Croydon Social Services to say what he did. Also she informed me the Social Services Phsycologist stated I was a Hypochondriac. He was the one in need of Phsyciatric help himself if you ask me, and would not know a Hypochondriac if one shoved a tablet up his ass, Anyway Harvey eventually informed me she would be dropping the case. I was shocked after all the evidence given to the COW, to my knowledge never once did she question any of the allegations given by the Lying Anglo Indian or the rest of Social Services, In my opinion the odds were stacked heavily in my favour to win the case, she was as blind as a bat, and VERY, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, and why had it taken 7 to 8 years to drop the case? I think it was because she knew the longer the case went on the more money she would get, even though there would not be result at the end, and she got offered a back-hander to drop the case!

A few years later I contacted the, I think it was the LAW SOCIETY?, as a friend advised me to do, and requested an inquiry into M/s Harveys findings, the LAW SOCIETY? replied stating it was too late, and I should have complained within 2 years, MORE SUSPICION?, Harvey did not inform me I could question her actions within 2 years, she and the Pompous Pratt (Barrister?) with her kept that quiet.

.I am now 66 years of age and Retired, and upon keeping recalling these events, turning them over and over in my mind, I keep asking the question, " DID M/S HARVEY, TAKE A BIG BRIBE FROM "CROYDON SOCIAL SERVICES" TO DROP THE CASE, ALSO WAS THE SPECIALIST AT BODMIN ALSO BRIBED"?. In both cases I think I AM REACHING THE CORRECT CONCLUSION thinking THEY WERE BOTH BRIBED with a substantial amount by Croydon Social Services.

In no way should the LYING BASTARDS at Croydon Social Services have got away with it.The whole case STANK OF CORRUPTION. Any non-corrupt Solicitor with half a brain would have won this case.

Is there anyway, even at this stage I could still get Justice done? I am an Old Age Pensioner and living on a State Pension with my wife, and cannot afford a Solicitor. Even if I could afford one I dont think I would now would not use one, as I do not trust them.

Your opinion would be appreciated.

Yours Sincerely

R Mitchell

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