Original - Solicitors from Hell .com Est. Feb 2003

"The Law Society is facing more damaging sex and race discrimination claims after an employee accused senior management of a prolonged campaign of bullying against her.

The claims by Simrit Parmar, one of the Society's advisers on family law, are remarkably similar to those made by the Society's own former vice-president Kamlesh Bahl. Although Bahl's claim was eventually defeated, the recent allegations will cast a further shadow over the Law Society's management

In her claim document, Parmar alleges Society chiefs have a general "racist and stereotypical view" of staff. One particular member of staff is said to have referred to Asians as "reliable little workers", whereas Afro-Caribbeans were "lazy and had attitude problems". Parmar also claims she was encouraged to bring false complaints against Bahl, as the Society believed it was 'safer' for complaints to come from a member of her own race. After complaining about her treatment, Parmar says she was ostracised by staff, who suggested she must have mental health problems.

A spokeswoman for the Society told RollOnFriday that the case was going before an employment tribunal on Monday and that the Society would be denying the claims."