Are you on the 'Bad Boys' List?
Hegarty & Co.
and Stamford
"The Judiciary Rat Pack"

My partner and I could not resist having a little drink with 'Dickie' I'm surprised we were not on his guess list.

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Many local business people attended Hegarty & Co Solicitors drinks reception last week at Orton Hall, Peterborough, to celebrate the firm's 30th anniversary.

''Dickie the Chair' leads the celebrations'
Partner Richard Hegarty established Hegarty & Co Solicitors on the day he qualified in 1974 with the help from his father, a retired executive legal clerk. Only a few months later, the Law Society changed the rules so that solicitors had to have held a practicing certificate for a number of years before setting up their own firm.
---- 'This is 'Dickie the Bull Dog'

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"Just a few so 'Check out the Web' we could be coming for you"