Simon Entwisle one of Zahida Manzoor's Merry Men

10 June 2003

Simon D C Entwisle
Operations Director
3rd Floor
Sunlight House
Quay Street
Manchester M3 3JZ

Dear Sir

Re: Complaint to : Office for the Supervision of Solicitors
Against : Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors

Thank you for your letter dated 5 June 2003. My first comment is, no I am not satisfied with your conclusions like, I believe, many more Complainants in the past have not been. Second, congratulations on your promotion to 'Operations Director'.

You state, the Ombudsman's task is, basically, to oversee how the OSS carried out their investigation and not to look at my complaint. First that is not totally true for your 'little blue book' states, "…she can widen her investigation…" which, I believe, should be done in my case, if you don't it means there is effectively no way of challenging the OSS's findings.

Your, as I have stated several times, 'little blue book' states "she will always look at what you have to say" and "What the Ombudsman will do is check that all your complaints were addressed…" It appears you have neither listened nor have answers been given to all my complaints. I have supplied evidence that showed Thos Boyd Whyte lied, were dishonest and deceitful, the OSS did nothing and you are not listening. One major complaint was Mr Luckhurst's refusal, on two occasions, to see me and discuss my dissatisfaction.

In your letter dated 6 May last, you stated Mr Luckhurst's refusal to see me was dealt with, so obviously, you saw the evidence to support this statement. In my letter of reply, dated 21 May, I asked you to point out 'how and where' this was dealt with, your recent letter dated 5 June gave no answers. If you cannot support what you say, it means, just like the OSS, you are talking about 'fictional evidence' and the bottom line is, you have sunk to lying in your efforts to protect the OSS and TBW.

You further state, "there is no evidence to support collusion" between the OSS and TBW, now you really are lying. You know from an 'attendance note' written by my Solicitor on 6 June 2000 that 'collusion' between her, Gordon Luckhurst, Geoff Smith at TBW's and Mr Fise at the OSS where my complaints file was retrieved by Mr Fise from "cases awaiting investigation" file and the contents discussed to give TBW reasons to sack me. Let me add here that TBW only found out I had made 'negligence' claims, thirteen months (6 June 2000) after I made them in May 1999 after Mr Luckhurst had twice refused to see me, when my 'unopened' file was discussed by the OSS and TBW on 6 June 2000, and remember my 'negligence' claim would eventually be substantiated by a Barrister, The Bar Council and Ann Abraham. As Mr Luckhurst refused to abide by the 'Client Care Agreement' I don't see how you can say, in relation to my sacking, "…have 'good reason' to do so". You are very quick to point out the rights of the solicitors but you or the OSS have not once quoted any rights I, as a Client, have, so maybe your 'creditability' to give an 'unbiased' opinion should be questioned.

If you look at my "website" on the "news" page you will see, as yourself and the OSS won't comment on it's relevance, I have already e-mailed the Editor of 'The Lawyer' to get the opinion of Kevin Martin on the 'Client Care Agreement', maybe I will do the same with your 'little blue book'.

If any company was run as bad as Thos Boyd Whyte is being run there would immediately be management changes, but what do you and the OSS do 'nothing' not even a gentle slap on the wrist but allow them to muddle along mucking up other lives. Let me quote, from memory, that saying from a famous British Premier "Is this the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning". Whatever, I won't go away and I believe I'm one 'complainant' you are not likely to forget.

Yours sincerely

B R Gray

PS I will publish this letter on my "website" and point out that the Ombudsman has forgotten the meaning of a very important word in her 'little blue book': - "unbiased".

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